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December 13, 2021

We bring you five of the best ways to feel comfortable in your engagement shoot

Hurayyyy, It’s all coming together. I mean, it’s all been in the making: laying every single block, painting each little detail, papering over every crack, and polishing over rough surfaces. It didn’t mean any different if the sky held the Moon or the Sun, you made sure the wheels were always turning. And now? Your long-fantasized moment is here. 

Albeit, we get that sometimes maybe one of you is into it more than the other, or, the prolonged lingering of a few items on your pre-wedding checklist is beginning to tug at your newfound happiness. Hey baby, Chillax. You’ve got this.

Once you’ve got the first step right, that is, hiring a photographer who’s not gonna have you on pin and needles about your chances of bringing you an atmosphere that’s bespoke for the best outcomes, you’ll find that pulling off your engagement shots magically and memorably (I mean, magazine-fashion-spread memorable) isn’t all daunting as it appears to be.  

I’m rolling back the curtains on (YES, ‘cos it was soooo darn good) our rockstar couple Ashley & Aaron as we couldn’t find a better crowning encapsulation of a glorious, graceful engagement wedding photography. When it comes to getting photos taken, the cloud of self-consciousness tends to consume us in front of the camera. Nevertheless, this is one sure way pre-wedding sessions like your engagement photos help, further breaking the ice with your photographer before your big day. 

But if you’re still in doubt. Hang on! This LOVE LETTER to you soon-to-weds is curated to dish out a few pointers to help you feel confident and comfortable when taking engagement photos.

— Get Ready To Rock n Roll (Set the Mood!) 

It’s nothing weird that you’re tempted to make a fuss of the special moment especially as you veer into the significance of the milestone with numerous trips down memory lane. At the end of the day, Engagement Photos are what you make of it. So, you better have some fun while at it—even amidst the flurry of dopamine. 

Some individuals are super-emo and they cling to words of affirmation like their last cent, while others are not. We take stock of this. So it all boils down to you two knowing who you are. Before your session, I’ll recommend preparing a list of your fav, down to your not-so-fav, to the utterly forgettable things about each other (true stories only, please). : ) 

You’ll then find that the pure bursts of emotions come in effortlessly, intense waves of genuine laughter and relentless gushing of nostalgia that serves up pleasurable experiences. The possibilities are a recurring decimal — endless, plus, at least you’re not gonna have me ask you to fake or mask your feelings. 

Savor & Soak In The Candid Moments 

You want rampaging flushes of excitement that’ll highlight how absolutely gaga you both’re about each other. Don’t you? It’s about time you lit some spark. And no better way to clinch this level of frenetic high than with Candid photos. 

Staying true to yourself is so essential. Although this might be more of a hard-to-do, especially when you think of how much you want these to come out looking all scrumptious, you wanna avoid any scenario that makes you feel like you’re staging a thing. Believe me, onlookers can tell, and that’s if it comes out great for starters. 

So, you don’t just wanna be real in the photos, you wanna your photos to be SEEN to be real. And here’s where I come in. Think of me as a director in YOUR show rather than being just the one on shutter duty. (ixnay on stage-managing you) I could chime in with something that’ll trigger a chain reaction that more often than not sets you up for a good one! So, less stiff, more genuine, raw, full-of-life. ORGANIC.

Bring along some good COMPANY

Through it all, our loved ones have been the shooting stars that we continue to wish upon, and draw our strength and inspo from about how best to navigate our relationships. 

And today—because of them—you’re celebrating a colossal milestone. Bring in your loved ones to cap off this special moment. If you have a dog, bring them along for some of the pictures (bring a wrangler, and your dog sitter along, so we’re not having to take photos of your dog against your wish!)  

I get that this might be a bit of a private affair and we want a bit of ‘ME’ time, but we’ve all got friends who’re absolutely up to NO good (in a good way) and loved ones who can be infinitely cooler than us. Just think—they could turn a casual hangout into a full-on fiesta after shooting, and you don’t even know it! So go out there, and get those invites in!

— Choose a Scenery that Packs a Pregnant Punch of Meaningggg : ) 

Getting a good photographer’s (poppin’ my pretty index finger) half the job done right there! But you might need more to hack it by provoking a scenic appreciation from any onlooker. To clinch this, you need a location that meaningfully depicts the joyful, loving connection between you and your significant other.

So, before heading for your local park nearby for your engagement photos, consider what you truly enjoy as a couple and what locations represent it. So you don’t look like a fish out of water. You can see how the greenery piggybacks on the serene atmosphere, serving up a soulful setting for the power couple — Ashley & Aaron. (Yep, there they are! aren’t they a beam of light?)


Though Local to Hilton Head, South Carolina, they chose to do something enormously different than the standard beach photography  

The same calculus applies if you’re an indoor couple. A couple of shots brewing coffee, or seeing some good old-fashioned NetFlix wouldn’t sound out of order now, would it? If you’re a pair that’ll pass on low-clinging fruits in an emotional context, you could erupt waves upon waves of comfort and togetherness by opting for a sesh at a familiar neighborhood you call home, or the very exact spot you both met, or where you both recorded a significant milestone in each other’s lives. 

You could also pick places that spotlight your different interests, for instance, If you’re a beach bum, then you could have one at the beach. Whatever rocks your boat, just remember to pick a location where you know you will feel at ease laughing, snuggling, and breezily engaging with the space.

— Dress the way you wanna be Caressed

You’ve probably heard some version of this about 35,346 times, but it’s the most essential. If you wear clothing that’s not-so-comfy, you’re likely to spend the whole session fiddling at it or covering yourself up. And this is usually accompanied with a lot of hand-wringing, brow-rubbing, or face-palming… occasionally the banging of a head on a hard surface, as if the problem can be physically knocked loose like water stuck in the middle-ear after swimming. (It can’t, by the way.) Okay, maybe that’s stretching it, (or not) but in most cases, here’s the general issue:

If you pick something you’ve never worn before, chances are you’ll be concerned to an unphotogenic fault about how you’ll look in it. OR, you may find it’s really very uncomfortable.

The moral of my highfalutin quip? Dress in clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in your sauce! 


Everyone expects to appear a tad uncomfortable in front of the camera, yet no one ever does. As your photographer, we’ll spend some time getting to know one other, and you’ll tell me everything about your relationship and wedding preparations. 

Here’s to hoping you enjoy the experience — the affectionate whirlwind that engulfs you upon the sudden realization that you’ll soon be hitched to your significant other — the wind, the heat, the fun, and whatever else happens thereafter. (WINK!)

After all is said and captured, it’s all about you & your partner, your unique connection, and your willingness to share these glorious moments together. 

Like Ashley & Aaron, you too can have your ideal engagement shoot. We’ll help you capture refreshing, meaningfully loaded photos that’ll be the ultimate validation of your engagement session, just as it was for Jenny & Brandon. It’s what we do.

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