An Idyllic Wedding at the Omni Resort, Hilton Head, SC | Jenny And Brandon

July 8, 2021

Jenny and Brandon came for the big feels (not just the frills!) on an occasion that once again showed us how much of a good thing it is to find that someone — who truly cherishes you — for you. For me, weddings are the perfect show of true love, unhalved commitment, and an expression of this commitment to mark the beginning of a journey of unending bliss, together. 

Wedding Photography at the Omni Resort Hilton Head by Lisa Staff Photography @lisastaffphoto

Jenny and Brandon’s wedding didn’t fail to embody this aspect one bit. It was filled with glitz and glams, with yours truly capturing every fleeting moment that made the wedding the admirable success that it was. These two had the time of their life. I even had to pinch myself at some point because these two lovebirds were up for just about anything, soaking up the moment with open hearts. 

The Lovebirds 

Brandon and Jenny’s story is particularly unique, starting off at a mutual friend’s wedding, they ended up with a wedding of their own! I know that love finds us at the most spontaneous of places. But it also won’t hurt to be a tad intentional sometimes. So, if you’re on a wee search for that special one, you might wanna add weddings to your list of potential ‘hotspots’ — it’s a hidden gem. WINK!

Stories of true love do not come dreamier than this!

They both met at a mutual friend’s wedding in Ohio in 2011. Brandon lived in Ohio, while Jenny resided in Georgia. At the time, Brandon had a conference in Georgia the following week and thought it’d be great if they went out for a drink or two. They eventually linked up at “BucketShop” and soon after, they began spending their weekends in Ohio and Georgia together. 

The couple decided that Love could not be more genuine than the one they had, and decided to ‘seal it off’ with a blissful wedding, following a proposal that left us grabbing our handkerchiefs. 

By Jenny’s account: 

“I was stuck in traffic after work (on that particular day). (When) I

got home (I noticed) the house was all cleaned up, (the) music

Was playing and Brandon was all dressed up as well. I immediately

Knew what was going on, but my biggest concern was “Where are

The dogs?” Brandon proceeded to propose, and once that was said 

And done, our guest bedroom opened and out came my Matron of

Honor with the pups who were dressed in tuxedo collars with a sign

That said, “Mommy, will you Marry Daddy?”…so sweet.”

Undoubtedly, that blessed evening symbolized a long-lasting companionship that’ll bear a chockful of love, laughter, and joy for the couple!

The Special Day

Weddings and movies have a lot of ‘similars’. Just like a good ol’ romance movie from NetFlix (without the ‘chill’) gives a tale with a beginning, middle, sparkles, cheering, tears, and a happy ending, marriage pictures tell and celebrate the story of the bride and bride. 

Couples want to record their wonderful day and share it with friends and family for years to come, and a wedding photographer has a ‘unscrewupable’ duty to immortalize the passion of bride and bride as it unfolds. Jenny and Brandon’s was no different. 

Taking a glance at the photos of the occasion, you don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that Brandon and Jenny’s wedding was well thought out, with every minute detail fashionably orchestrated. And we have the gifted hands of Amanda Rose Events to thank for that. 

Interestingly, Amanda Rose had been recommended by Jenny’s friend, and she delightfully showed why she’s someone you defo wanna tell your friends about. The wedding was a tip top one, with friends and loved ones coming together to honor this gorgeous couple with a grand affectionate display. There is definitely something very special about destination weddings. It’s all about family and your “ride or die” friends. And that makes all of the difference.

Jenny and Brandon opted for a simple, yet beautiful setting sweetly punctuated with dashes of greenery. The Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort was perfect for that. The candle lights and several gold accents further glittered the venue with epic vibes of grandeur. The couple had opted out of a “beachy” setting which, in my opinion, was the right call — you don’t want ‘randomers’ with beachy outfits or bikinis stealing all the attention. 

The couple also added their beautiful personalities and attires to the wedding. Jenny went for a stunning look in her semi-transparent bridal dress artfully adorned, complementing her presence as she glided down the aisle. May River Madeup who was the make-over artist, did a fantastic job with Jenny and her bridal party, beating faces to look ‘all that, and a bag of chips!’

Brandon was no slacker from head to toes. Looking handsome in his deep-blue suit and a matching tie to boot, excellently groomed hair, Brandon looked straight out of a magazine cover. The bridal train adorned bright pink gowns and the groomsmen stood out with their deep-blue suits.

The Venue

The Venue

Simplicity, they say, is elegance at its peak. The Omni Resort had always tickled the fancy of the couple as their favorite vacation spot. And what better way to engrave such a special day in our memories than to spend their wedding day in a place that is close to not just home, but also the heart?

The exquisite ambiance of the venue made my job as a photographer much easier. Jenny and Brandon’s poise in front of the camera was also a delight to behold. Trust me, working my job means I get to meet the most ‘awkward Tacos’ and the shyest persons. Not Brandon and Jenny. Their energy was unmatched. And with the guests trooping in, in their numbers, you could be sure they truly made memories that would last an eternity. 

One would think that the event could not have been any merrier, but Harden and Crenshaw’s live musical performances sent the guests into a frenzy! 

Parting Note

Parting Note

The wedding left everyone in high spirits. Family, friends, and colleagues alike came to pour out their blessings and heartfelt support for the couple, much to our delight.

Personally, my gratitude goes to Jenny for entrusting one of her most important days with me. As with all my clients, it gives me great joy to capture the essence and etch them in undying memory, because at Lisa Staff Photography, creating epic memories that warms the cockles of your heart is what we do!

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