5 Tips for the Best Engagement Pics | ASHLEY & AARON

June 25, 2021

5 Tips for the Best Engagement Photography | ASHLEY & AARON

Someone once told me that my superpower was in simplifying things. So, hand me my cape, because I did something for you. I’ve compiled a page full of all my “picture perfect” wisdom about pulling off your engagement photography sessions like the astounding power couple you are. 

And that goes for both of you. I know. I know. Sometimes one of you is more into it than the other. It’s not like I haven’t heard someone say, “I hate getting my pictures taken”.  But I can make a believer out of both of you. I promise.

I got called by one of the most photo worthy, “chemistry dialed up to a solid 10”  couples (actually I feel that way about all of my couples) — Ashley & Aaron, to take engagement photos. Progress Report? You bet. We were able to create some heart-melting photographs packed with raw intimacy and outdoor tenderness. And if you wish this were you, your engagement photos too can scream “the camera loves us!” and “social media off the charts influencers”! So, I’m gonna share all that I have learned by working with couples to capture their story in a super fun experience that leaves no one feeling “uncomfy” or disappointed.

So here’s my sure-fire way to make this the best day everrrr. Well, the best day ever until we shoot again! Of course, avoiding distractions and truly enjoying this moment is heavily dependent on your mindset and preparation — and a few tips. So, here are my secret (well, now not-so-secret) tips that should be top of mind if you’re looking to create the best engagement photography session. 

The Location: 

This one slots right in at the top because it’s just as important as the picture itself! Ashley and Aaron chose the outdoor scenery, filled with lush, green fields and a cabin that spurs on their adventuresome side while allowing all the quiet they need to explore and be their best self. A longing to do it all over — again!

They are local to Hilton Head, South Carolina, but chose to do something enormously different than the standard beach photography

Ashley and Aaron picked a location close to their hearts and home with nothing but picturesque serenity, fanning the flames of a desire to explore the world together. In. That. Moment. Actually the location that we ended up deciding on was the same location where Aaron had proposed to Ashley and a location that they love getting away to on the weekends.

Wanna get the look? Check out fab’rik for all of the styles shown here.

This made it all the better because of the significance and heartfelt meaning of it. 

Some other noteworthy benefits of this location 

  • It had a myriad of unique opportunities to shoot totally different angles and perspectives to give you so much room for creativity. It definitely wasn’t a one shot wonder location. We could have stayed there for days. 
  • It had a balance of open shade lighting and sun. Again, that just gives you limitless possibilities and you don’t need to wait for “golden hour” lighting
  • It was totally different than any of their friends had done and different from the location for their wedding day

Do Something Willya?! 

This is not your High School picture for the School’s Yearbook! And let’s not talk about your prom pics. We’re taking this to an all new level.

Who’s open to leveling up??

Now I realize that each couple is different. Some couples are into PDA and some are not. But this isn’t a family pic. This is a pic with your very significant other. The love of your life. And your images should show that.

Yes. Openness to explore. 

The photos tell all the stories. Ashley and Aaron took these photos with us, with their guards down, each of them holding the other’s hands, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes with “True Love’s First Kiss” in sight, but this ain’t no Sleeping Beauty and the Prince.

Okay… that may sound a little too “Walt Disney” but let’s just say we are going to just have fun. We’re going to hang out and get comfy and you’re just going to enjoy the process. And while you do that you’re going to hold hands, hug, kiss, laugh, run, play, cuddle, get goofy and somehow end up with all of the ways that you connect and tell your story without even realizing that’s what you did.

Presto. Magico! You didn’t even realize that “modeling” could be so darn easy. You’re basically the leading heroes in your own story so let’s show that.

What Do I Wear: 

This isn’t a Netflix and Chill date. You’re showing up in all the ways that you want to. So let’s coordinate a few really good outfits. This is one instance where more is more. Let’s do something casual…. Something dressy…. And something that packs the wow factor. If you’ve chosen a good location like above, then you have the ability for variety. And isn’t variety the spice of life? 

Why not make the most of the opportunity? You’ve got your hair and makeup on fleek and woken up camera ready so let’s do this right.

Ashley and Aaron definitely understood their assignment, strutting out with the wardrobe that did justice to their love story.

Ashley stunned in her flawless fashion, but Aaron also graced the scenery and pulled up, not to be outdone. That’s right guys! You’ve got to hold your own and bring more than one outfit. Can I say that sometimes men come with a rumpled up old shirt and not much else? Not today Satan!! Bring some selection.

Also, remember, your outfits can also determine your demeanor, and can help you to set the vibe. Ashley and Aaron took our breath away with their simple-yet-elegant outfits, allowing the loving couple to express love in its truest form — in the arms of a significant other, with laughter stretching across every inch of their faces.

Truly, Love is beautiful!

Schedule Your Session Around The Sun: 

Oh! The sun in all her majesty! 

Her beautiful, golden rays shower me with a soft 

semblance of hope and truth!

Sorry if I went all poetic on you, but the beauty of the sun bears more fruits to the world than solar energy — It’s a photographic filter in its own right. (one reason why you can never go wrong with ‘sun-kissed’ photos) Scheduling your sessions around the setting of the sun doesn’t just make your photos pop. They bestow a very natural ambiance on your photos, especially with the golden-yellow rays, giving it illuminatory depth. So, doing a bit of background check regarding when the sun would set could be all you need for good preparation to be even better!

Let it be said that lighting is everything. Well, that and a fabulous photographer that understands how to use all types of lighting. Let me repeat this again for the people in the back. Lighting is EVERYTHING! So make sure that your photographer isn’t just a “lover of light” but someone skilled to shoot in all lighting situations so that no matter what nature throws at you, your photographer isn’t left stressed out and ugly crying in the corner because they only know how to shoot in one lighting situation. Heaven help them if they end up shooting indoors, or in low light settings. Gasp!

Make A Day Out Of It: 

Why not plan your photoshoot as a road trip? Think outside of the box. It doesn’t just have to be a session on the beach for 30 minutes and then BAM it’s over before it even got started.

Why not make that engagement session a  road trip and the best adventure ever. There’s no reason that your photos can’t look like all of the Pinterest pics that you’ve been pinning.

Here’s a couple of ideas.

  • Find that cool winding roadway out in the middle of nowhere and use it with your car, your bike, your partner…. Running, walking, laughing, dancing…. There are limitless possibilities. Can’t you just picture it? Walking down that dirt road, arm slung around your lover, nuzzling and whispering with your cool wheels in the background with an incredible tree line?
  • Are you coffee lovers? Stop in at a cool cafe and enjoy an intimate drink together. Wine instead? Then pick your favorite winery. Breweries you say? Let’s have a pint. Dessert lovers? Let’s share one
  • Do you love hiking, mountain biking? Let’s get all Ralph Lauren about that and dress outdoorsy.
  • Do you have an epic outfit that you would love to wear and never get a chance? Put on the ritz and take it to an uptown location or do the exact opposite and be brazen in the middle of nature in that bold red dress popping and standing out just like your one-of-a-kind love does. 

Make your photoshoot as epic as your love is. Have a reason to be excited about it and create the opportunity for stories to tell long after about your experience.

Parting Note

Create the life that you love in all things. Even in your engagement pics. Ashley and Aaron did just that— you can see that they’re so besotted with each other, and their frenetic wave of emotions defo did some rubbing off on me. Yes, they are definitely in love but they just had fun with the process along the way and that made all the difference as you can see.

Have any questions on how you can make your engagement photos tell your unique story? Let me help you with that. It’s what I do and as you can see, it’s a helluva lot of fun.

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