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December 16, 2021

Wedding of Kelsey and Corbin in Hilton Head by Lisa Staff

Tropical Beach Wedding Photography | Kelsey & Corbin

Tropical Beach Wedding Photography | Kelsey & Corbin

A Coastal-loving couple tying the knot? Count me in. I’m in for ‘fairy tale’ of a wedding that it’ll inevitably come to be. I love weddings, not just because they celebrate love between a couple, but also because, more than any other event, they offer photographers like me an opportunity to issue what I perceive to be a ‘return ticket’ to an otherwise faded memory. 

So, when I was contacted by Kelsey and Corbin to document their wedding, I readily accepted the offer to be part of, and proudly etch this watershed moment in our memories. Beautiful weather. Check. The most supportive friends and family. Double Check

To kick-start the special day, I made for the groom’s residence, at 23 Red Cardinal, where I was warmly received—a privilege that I didn’t take lightly, then I went on to capture the most gorgeous boho wedding ever—a sheer finery of photos during wedding prep.

Personally, it was clearly one of those days on the job where you lovveee your job for its chock full of rewarding moments. 

Dreamy Location

Why have one when you can have two of your favorite things? — your partner and your dream ‘setting’. The Sea Pines resorts and oceanfront is a beach lover’s paradise. But the lush blue skies, breathtaking views, and the refreshing sound of ocean waves in the background also make it nothing less of a dreamy location for a couple to exchange their vows. 

When Kelsey and Corbin told me of their decision to have all the formal group pictures taken on the beach, the Thalassophile (ocean lover) in me grinned in excitement. Because — heck. Yeah! 

For one, you’ll hardly find a more epic backdrop for a fascinating confession of your love to your significant other than one with the sand (and the feeling of the sand in your toes btw—oh-so-satisfying!) and waves on the beach. Plus, the photos prove me right. While walking on the beach in wedding clothes (which was, of course, tempered with beach shoes) and the risk of the occasional intrusion by an awkward beach-bum gatecrashing the wedding was absolutely worth it. Seriously, this location could not have been more perfect for all involved. The couple. The guests. And little ole me. From the gorgeous large beach house with plenty of room for everyone…. and fabulous natural light for us photographers. To the decked-out pool …. the absolute perfect setting for an intimate dinner for all of the guests. The long beach walk lined with beach grasses. To the private beach with seldom anyone else seen.

Family-centered wedding (Thank you, Vin Diesel!)

Of course it’s the memes! Vin Diesel’s memes’re doing the rounds and it’s straight out of a token of appreciation (and healthy banter) in meme culture. Vin played ‘Dom Torreto’ in the action thriller series, ‘Fast and Furious’ where ‘Dom’ waxed lyrical to everyone who cared to listen about how “what’s real is family” and whatnot. We agree. 

Family’s got you when your chips are down. Borrowing from Dom’s logic, who else to share a big bold glass of red with in good times, if not family?  

This might sound straight out of a Vin Diesel movie (think Fast & Furious) but being family-oriented is never out of vogue. It’s not often you get to see weddings where the groom’s father doubles as the best man, or actively involving members of both families working in concert to give the couple their dream wedding. 

That was heart-warming to behold. (the word ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious comes to mind) It got even more magical with the presence of the couple’s daughter, Gia. You know kids, their uncanny ability to spruce up events with their cute presence always remains a wonder. And she definitely was the cutest. See for yourself. Right??

The familial components of a small, tight-knit wedding serve up a certain charm that leaves guests under no illusion that this is one for the ages. Family-centered weddings like Kelsey and Corbin’s fall perfectly under this category of weddings. In Kelsey’s own words, the most important thing about the wedding is: 

Having all our family together and photos to cherish”; 

Striking the right chords, her words painted a clearer picture of how important it was for me to deliver the goods. Not to toot my horn, but a close look (as you browse through the photos) will reveal that we made the best of the glorious occasion, capturing each fleeting moment as we soaked it in. 

An Intimate Ceremony

The unwritten rule in weddings is that the father of the groom usually sits with his spouse in the front row, brimming with pride, watching his son exchange his wedding vows. Not Cliff. at this wedding, Cliff, stood by his son, in his position as best man, no less proud. It panned out beautifully, with all the non-verbal hints of affection you’d expect of a father-son relationship as uniquely sweet as theirs, and the ever-so intermittent attempts to hold back tears.

If you ask anyone what they think the ideal wedding is like, you’ll likely be greeted with varying answers, to varying degrees. IMO, whether tight-knit weddings or weddings that’re high on attendance and the usual paparazzi, the substance should take priority over the physical planning. 

I think anyone would struggle to visualize a wedding that is more perfect (in every inch of my perception of an ideal wedding) than Kelsey & Corbyn’s, with the couple’s daughter in attendance, close family and friends managing the event, in an oceanfront venue, against the backdrop of the Western Pacific. YAYYY!

Parting note . . . 

Overall, it was a very colorful ceremony of love, smiles, and family bond. I keenly appreciate the privilege given to me by Kelsey and Corbin to document it all. We roll out applauds of gratitude to the vendors that brought this fairytale wedding to life 

Above’re some of our best picks from the wedding. I hope you love them as much as the couple, Gia and I did! And for more wedded bliss ideas check out this and this.

And here are some creatives that helped to make the day even better…..

Catering – Serg Group is always fabulous. Love their team

Bridesmaids Dresses – Anthropologie Always gorgeous

Bride’s Gorgeous Dress – Spell and the Gypsy

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