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Without photographs, memories will only remain thoughts, and thoughts become forgotten. I love what I do because it gifts me the never-to-be-forgotten privilege to bring people's eclectic visions into life, record their moments, and life's memories, in all its unfolding glory. 

In my world, photography evolves from first knowing that there's something unique in everything. And when it's 'show time', you can find me on a discovery to showcase these unique qualities while putting my unique spin on them.

. . . So, here I come, camera-in-hand, melting into the background while putting you at ease to jointly mold a visual preservation of your memories. "CLICK!"

You definitely can’t think of better ways to appreciate the continuously unfolding journey of your romantic entanglement with your significant other than engraved memories of your shared affection.

From the memories past to the ongoing present, the captivating love stories we share with onlookers through our photography gives them a raw feel of the best of three worlds — connections, experience, emotion-driven storytelling.

love stories

Relive Worthy, Lovey-Dovey Memories


Boudoir is a beautiful collaboration that we create together.  But I understand. I too, have never liked the word "boudoir". I don't care that it's French. It makes me think of skeevy photographers with greasy hair. But hear me out. Whether it’s bridal boudoir, an intimate couples session, a gift for you, or a gift to share with someone else, we will make sure to capture the goddess and miracle of you as a woman in an aesthetic that you have dreamt about. In your wedding trousseau or anything else equally gorgeous and empowering, with a hair and makeup team to make you feel and look like a celebrity.

OR the love that you and your partner have that is indescribably yours and yours alone. An intimate couple session showing the special chemistry between the two of you. The early morning, the sun still rising beautiful lighting, tangled up, messy hair mornings, the bubble bath, flirtatious bubble fights, the Sunday morning coffee and breakfast sessions with you on the counter in his shirt just loving on each other. It can be whatever your story is. Indoors. Or out in nature, on the beach with a "From Here to Eternity" waves crashing vibe, or urban city steamy uptown connection. Let's celebrate your love story. Is it cute and casual or all the way to spicy and sassy or somewhere in between?


We will celebrate and magnify your beauty in the style that embodies your spirit - romantic, elegant, sensual, glamorous, edgy, editorial. Let’s create this gift to yourself or for each other. All the while ensuring that you are comfortable and look and feel your best with this female led team. Let's have a conversation to answer all of your questions, dream up some ideas catered just for you and create some magic. 

Savannah Boudoir PHotographer

Wedding Boudoir Photography & Intimate Couple's Photography

Hey! I know what you're thinking!! It's not creepy at all. I Promise!

A dream team of incredibly gifted & versatile creatives. At the heart of all that we do is passion. love. pursuit. We channel your message accurately, documenting iconic experiences of jaw-dropping awesomeness.

Lisa was amazing, quietly capturing every moment beautifully! Lisa was easy to work with, great energy however provided a peaceful strength and kept everyone at ease. Lisa became a part of our family and captured our joy and unity in photo memories forever! Thank you Lisa!


Kind Words


Lauren Rumsey

I am speechless. I haven't even made it half way through them yet. I don't even know where to begin!! Already tearing up. The four of them on the boardwalk bade me instantly start crying. I blame you Blown away. Literally have NO words,

Kind Words


- Cory Pope

"Where do I even start?! Lisa came to our engagement party to do photos and it was the most magical and emotional experience!!! Her professionalism and attention to detail was out of this world, we are so grateful to have Lisa on our beautiful journey. "

OMG Lisa! They Came Out Stunning

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The quintessential in-person experience. That heart-melting, emotion-blastoff photographer

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