Luxury Brand Collaboration Photoshoot | Wexford Country Club

April 8, 2021

Lisa Staff shooting fashion at Wexford Country Cub in Hilton Head for Local Life Magazine

Let’s get something clear right at the top of this blog post — I can count a couple of ways to tickle my fancy other than having to do fabulous collaborations on the fingers of one hand. And while the word “collaboration” might come off as quite inclusive, I don’t mean an ‘I-wanna-work-with-you-and-you-and-youuuuuuuu’ Oprah-style checklist. 

I mean a choicy selection of some of the most adorable brands since sliced bread (that’re few and far between by the way.) It gets me in my groove. And when it involves me strutting my stuff for my all-time fav Local Life Magazine, the party just got merrier! Honestly, the fact that this is my blog space makes it incredibly tricky for me to make this a just-me show. 

But this isn’t just about me. it’s about a flock of brands (I call them superheroes), a hyper-creative team of designers, one super-versatile stylist, and the aesthetic splendor of the Wexford Country Club in Hilton Head. The location provided a fitting backdrop to what was a project that will sprinkle colorful drops of awesome feelings on our memory lanes. 


The name Wexford Country Club should ring a bell if you live in the Hilton Head area, but if per misadventure (yeah, unless you live under a rock in Hilton Head, Wexford should be right at the top of your bucket list already, c’mmon) you’ve heard absolutely nada about this state-of-the-art golf, tennis and boating resort, then congrats — it’s your lucky day! It’s a very inviting setting with a serene natural backdrop that is straight out of a Disney fairytale. Effortlessly ticking all the boxes for your ideal location, it slaps a delightful flavaa of luxury and an extra-ordinary lifestyle into the atmosphere, irresistibly. 

So this one involves something of a photoshoot for Wexford. Yunno, drum up some buzz, and get the right kinda eyeballs that’ll want to be part of this thrilling location on it. The project involved showcasing the best of the best of amenities like the boating, golf, and tennis amenities, the cute Moke vehicles, swimming pools, croquet, bocce lawn, miles of leisure trails and an elegant Clubhouse, all housed within a 37-acre inland harbor of swanky lavishness. 


Showcasing the abundance of the have-it-all lifestyle on offer in Wexford using colourful collaboration with special brands as a somewhat of a conduit can be a ‘lion share’ of work to take in. And the photographer is usually at the epi-centre of (just about) everythanggg. From getting location ready to getting props, angles, shots and making sure that every shot taken is primed to radiate that high-end vibe to spark the desired emotion, and sell. But not in this case. This was as always a wonderful team effort of everyone involved. PHEWWWW! From Local Life Magazine to Wexford Country Club to Roxanne Madere Gilleland to the Moke vehicles to our incredible model and our always top shelf makeup artist Samantha of Makeup Madame. It takes a village.

While it can be quite an ask to hit that sweet spot between having the most kick-ass strategy behind the shoots and keeping all the brands happily immersed in the co-creative process, having the best people to work with ‘on set’ no doubt makes it a whole lot easier. Roxanne, for one (Yeah. Remember her from the rebranding project aboard the Stars & Stripes Sail Boat?), came through with that oh-so-magical finesse that she’s become so known for when she’s working with us. She made light work of marinating brands in their on-brand sauce while preserving the cool, hippy vibe that the shoot craved. 

The pleasurable opportunity of getting to work closely with an up-and-coming model also did not pass us by as she came through with the goods — and more. We had a brief discussion about the vibe we wanted and she mirrored it perfectly.  


. . . All in a sophisticated-yet-comfy environment. The Wexford country club boasts just-about-enough greens and natural elements to make sure that its true beauty beams radiantly, and unmistakably. Some of the awesome brands we worked in with include BA & SH who dazzled with the skirts and tops. Zadig and Voltaire showcased these smashing boots that’re an absolute delight for any boot aficionado (You know I love my boots. WINK

The Kopples also got us feasting our eyes on a gorgeously crafted Orange outfit sweater and the colourfully patterned skirt. The luxury sunglasses are from the stables of Linda Farrow


Quick question. Have you never worked with brand strategists or you’re not one for the camera, but you don’t want to miss out on sure-fire conversion opportunities that having a couple of on-brand images can bring to your business’s doorstep

If you belong to this category of business owners, then you can talk to us. It don’t matter whether your brand is product-based or service-based, we can shoot — anywhere. 

Maybe not anytime, though, but you can be sure that we’ll fill you in on how we can jointly explore your brand’s beauty and make some magic — all with the aim to create photos that actually convert! 

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