On-brand Content Creation: Is your Imagery worth a thousand words?

February 28, 2021

bride standing on bow of sailboat in a wedding dress

A little nugget on human behavior and yeahhh — we’re going to be spilling loads of these — Humans’re not so welcoming to unforeseen changes and the new reality that they bring. The reason behind this is not astrophysics…. Wait, did you say “astro-WHAAT?! Hear me out…it’s bit-part laziness and the uncomfortable-ness that comes with having to change our behavior to adapt to these realities. 

Sometimes, it’s about the rush of emotions that we feel towards the former reality that makes ‘letting go’ hard. Other times, it’s as a result of fear that the new normal won’t be as beautiful as the old normal. Either way, change is constant. Lean wit it. Rock wit it. 

The ‘former reality’ talked about earlier in this blog post would be pre-covid times. COVID brought a lot of ‘new normals’ in our way of getting stuff done. Here’s one — newlyweds ditching the conventional wedding ceremonies for more intimate, close-knitted weddings at not-so-traditional venues. 

So, you’re not constantly worrying about one-upping a friend’s wedding or impressing your VIP guests with an elite location. Sounds familiar? Yeah. We’re talking deep, cherishable memories of you and your new life partner — with a carefully selected few of the most important people in your lives, in fanciful destinations that don’t require a hefty bankroll. 

On-brand Content Creation: Is your Imagery worth a thousand words?

We took the hint of this interesting opportunity and did something jaw-droppingly inspiring with it for her brand.

Enter our photography rebranding collab with Vagabond Cruises aboard the Stars and Stripes yacht sailing down the Calibougue Sound towards the Atlantic with a fresh bride and a crew of five… more on this later.


Your brand might be glued to the hearts of your customers already. Heck! You may even rake in a ton of revenue that makes tweaking your brand a worse idea than it originally sounds. If it’s not broke, don’t fix. Right? Not exactly. Your business evolves – hopefully, and so does the environmental commerce that you do business, as your business grows, so does your purpose, enter – REBRANDING, to explore new emerging opportunities in your niche, understand new market trends and tweak your brand accordingly to reel out the best bang for their bucks. This way, you hack your way through service/product offerings that’re out of vogue and way below optimal levels for your business. Remember, nothing sells like trendy.  


Unless you’ve just bought that brilliantly-pitched insurance scheme off that insurance agent who won’t just stop hawking every insurance product they have at you, then you probably know that consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they trust. And it’s clear why. With social media super-charging all facets of human interaction, it’s no longer enough for brands to serve up their awesome products/services to customers. 

Here’s the kicker — Social media has given our curious instincts so much that we want to know a tad more about brands and what they do that gives them that oomph especially above others.  So, if you’ve got a music studio, they just don’t want to listen to the quality sound you mix. They wanna see behind-the-scenes footage of you liaising with your staff and whipping up that audio magic! 

This is what differentiates SURVIVING businesses from WINNING businesses. 

As with anything ‘brand’ — or ‘rebrand, you want to cut through the noise and stand head and shoulders above the crowd. You want to be remembered. As far as these objectives go, your surest bet to claiming that spot will be to finesse your audience with some good ‘ol on-brand imagery.  


This project was actually for a level-up on Lisa’s former website. And as with all of my on-brand photoshoots, She wanted all of her creativity, skillset, and unique personality to shine through every pixel. She also felt it’ll be great to pull this off using an upscale, dreamy, iconic, fairy tale location to segue into her website aesthetics. But one thing was missing though — just the right person who’ll help her bring this project to life. 

She could only think of Ashley. She and Ashley had numerous photos from her memorable engagement to her wonderful partner — Aaron, and a lot of fashion photos that were nothing short of freakn’ awesome. She just didn’t have the right photos for this project yet. The sort of photos with an air of professionalism that reflects what she does for her amazing clients. The sort that says “Hey guys, I’m Lisa Staff. I’m your wedding photographer,  and working with me  feels just like you are embarking on a thrill-packed journey to creative Disneyland with me!”

If you remember quite well. The theme of this project was going to be a little upscale. And boy did we come up with a spin to this shoot that was — yeah— Upscale, we mean, not to brag, but they don’t come more upscale than ‘Stars and Stripes’ (Yeap. The name of the boat we got on) It’s got quite a legacy of racing in the America Cup that makes the boat every inch deservingly ‘christened’ Stars and Stripes. 

With the shoot in mind, we dashed down to Blush Bridal, trying different gorgeous dresses to find the right fit, and where we would have been without the professional touch of Roxanne, Owner of Shop Boutique, (the most upscale fashion shop in our location)? Her truckload of experience in dressing up the rich and famous came in handy. And oh, Lisa and Roxanne have always done fantastic jobs shooting fashion editorials for magazines by the way. 


It can be incredibly easy to sit back and ponder about if your brand’s due for some re-branding or not, and how to finesse your audience with a solid rebrand if you ever needed one. After all, what’s worth doing at all is worth doing spectacularly. 

Well, what if we told you we could help you make light of your worries and co-create awesome content that will re-position your brand to attract bigger and better eyeballs, bringing you optimal value? Our custom-designed brand photoshoots will light up your audience’s soul with a spark of curiosity about your brand. 

Your audience’ll come wanting to be part of the experience that is your service— after all, we created content with them top-of-mind! Reach out to us today if you’re looking to make your on-brand content creation project a breeze! 

We’re hot on the heels of a year that has brought eerily unprecedented times. In spite of these hiccups, we’ve been able to steer our business right on track, and even positioned for more growth!  While this might’ve been a real cause for delight, it’s super-vital not to get lost in all the buzz and recognize that with this also comes a responsibility to our clients to position our brand to serve them in this area.

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