How to Create the Perfect Beach Wedding in Hilton Head

February 28, 2021

Beach Wedding in Hilton Head, SC

Beachside Wedding at Hilton Head Island with David & Christina

Give us a good camera, a beachside wedding with a vibrant sunset, an expertly-curated wedding plan that tells us we’re in for a great time, a lovely couple, and we’re smiling ear to ear.

David and Christina pulled off a wedding gathering that could have come across as anything but lacking in careful planning. They curated every detail to give guests the time of their lives in commemoration of their special day, and we thought they did such an excellent job that we just cannot keep mum about it. (Dare me to show you photographs?)

Trying to guesswork how pleased, and chuffed (oh yeahhh) we were to grace the momentous occasion of David & Christina’s wedding, on a scale of 1-10, you might probably come up short, because, ohh well, you shouldn’t expect anything less than an 11-ish rating. (Surprised? Don’t be.)

If you want to know why, then fasten your seatbelts with us on this wee journey, scrolling down, you know the drill. WINK.

Yessssss dears. This was the thick of all the fun-filled action as guests. The wedding ceremony was hands down a top-to-bottom assortment of fun-filled activities, and, you can always trust us to cover most of these fun-tastic moments.

Elegant-yet-simple was the intended vibe the wedding decor was planned to give guests. And without a shred of a doubt, this visual theme was unmistakably orchestrated by none other than Susan Norgeot and Molly Kennedy(Signature Catering And Events)

table settings at Beach Wedding in Hilton Head, SC

Bridals by Elena in Gambrillis, MD came through with dazzling wedding dresses for the bridal train that beamed irradiating splurges of white, a calming ambiance of blue, and subtle hints of gold. And Christina’s gown was from Essense of Australia.

This color combination forged a calm, serene, but high-end backdrop to a premium occasion. Christina’s ravishing gorgeousness on the day also had the touch of Bride’s Side Beauty who got her make-up and hair game on fleek. Shoutout to SERG catering as well for the delicious dishes and top-notch catering, from set-up to clean-up, and Carrie Castano at Custom Confections for the Cake.

beach wedding in Hilton Head SC


As far as a choice of venue goes for brides, it doesn’t get better than the exact place where your soon-to-be husband proposed does it? Just choose, and let the nostalgic reminiscence take shape and charge up the atmosphere on your big day. Spot. On.

The venue was set in Hilton Head Island, SC. But first off, let me point out that David and Christina were adventurous with their setting, (Yeah, OUR TYPE) The wedding proper took place at the beachside, and what’s not to love about this choice? The oceanfront setting, with the accompanying praise-singing of the winds, and the waves, and all the forces. Beachside weddings, for me, have always been, and will always be in a class of their own.

Of course, we felt that with a wedding ceremony for a couple with a heart-warming, catchy, and sublime hashtag like #tohobbsandtohold, a beachside wedding was def not out of place. In fact, it was an incredibly compatible fit.

Channelling our (and their) intuitive flair for wanderlust, we then set forth and took a few shots in the woods, and you could tell, they were not just splendid, they’re ICONIC. Photos like this don’t just leave you spell-bound, they remind you of how lavishly gracious the occasion was and how unrehearsed-ly the couple immersed themselves in and enjoyed the momentous frenzy of their huge day.

The facts speak for itself, we all had a great time. When it was time to party, DJ Alan Palchak pulled off all the stops on the turntable to get us in that party mood, and we rocked!

You know us, we’re here for all season, the whole celebratory buzz, and that includes partying late into the night. The evening was the best part of the day, where everyone let their hair down and give us the chance to take natural, candid photographs that transports guests’ memory back in time when they finally see them.


There’s love in sharing — and plenty of it.

This old cliché found expression in the unfolding of events that led to the blissful union of Christina and David as we have it today. Their story kicked off when Christina naturally offered David some donut – which he politely declined, but that warm-hearted gesture proved to lay the building blocks that birthed this exciting new journey.


When Christina and David came to us to create these awesome memories of their wedding, as you would expect from the detail-oriented couple, they wanted the little details of their wedding covered, and they couldn’t be in better hands to get what they wanted.

You could easily tell, they’re very much like us in the way we do things  (Christina and David) we’re not just about gracing our clients’ weddings with our take-no-prisoners approach to professional photography, but we pour our heart and soul into all that we do.

Thank you, David & Christina, for allowing us to share in your joy and happiness, and record them for you and your loved ones to delight in.


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