Relationships For Life – This Isn’t Just A “One Off”

February 19, 2021

couple walking holding hands in Charleston, SC

To be completely frank, new clients can be a pain.

Yeah, I know that sounds “crazy” of me to say – you know, being a photographer and all. But please, it’s not as it sounds, just hear me out okay?

What I’m REALLY trying to say is those first steps in the relationship can be weird or sometimes uncomfortable. You know what I’m trying to say, it’s kind of like the first date; and yeah, I’ve been on a lot of “first dates” in this industry, but it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes it can be a bit weird.

Relationship Building
Just as first dates can be awkward, sometimes they lead to truly incredible results (you know, marriage). It’s the same thing in this industry really. I mean think about it, the first shoot we ever do (the first date) is the foundation off of which everything else is built on. No, it’s not the EXACT same thing but it is pretty similar. Shoots are an intimate experience and it’s my job to make sure you’re comfortable with me being there.

Cue Courtney and Ron; these two are like two peas and a pod – they fit together SOOO well and it’s been my pleasure to catch their intimate moments on camera.

Our collaboration began at their wedding. I’m not gonna go into detail about that because everybody knows what a wedding shoot entails (if you don’t please climb back under your rock).

From there, we’ve developed a relationship where they trust me to capture some of their most significant life events. You know, things like capturing the moment he leaves for deployment (yes, I actually did that and it was heart-wrenching).

There are tons of important events that contend in importance with your wedding. Can you believe I just said that?

couple sitting and cuddling in Charleston for engagement photos

couple walking holding hands in Charleston, SC

Well, it’s true. I’m talking about things like the birth of your child, the tenth birthday of your son, the 30th wedding anniversary, the selling of your business, the… you get the point. Imagine how amazing it’d be for your future generations to see the pivotal moments in their ancestor’s lives.
Let’s Be Serious
What am I really trying to do? Get all of your money. Just kidding, (not really).

But seriously, what the hell am I trying to say with this blog? I’m trying to paint the picture of a beautiful collaborative relationship that lasts years instead of hours. One that can accompany you on the beautiful journey we call life.

A relationship that does away with the awkwardness of constantly being on that “first-date” with a new photographer. More than anything, it’s about being friends for the long-term. It’s about you not even caring I’m there taking photos because it’d be the same as a good friend taking photos for you (except mine would be way better, obviously).

couple walking holding hands in Charleston, SC

So, yeah. I don’t really know what else to say. Let me end it by complimenting you as a means to hopefully secure some work. You look great. Oh wow, you smell incredible. Is that dress new? It looks amazing! Wow, you look absolutely stunning. I would’ve never guessed your age, you look 20 years younger than you actually are!

Have I done enough yet? Have I? Just click that “contact” button and let’s do something cool already!

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