How to Create Stylish Content That Packs a 007 Punch

February 15, 2021

A timeless, Instagram-worthy photoshoot of a spectacular couple on the salty soils of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Salt Lake City. We are absolutely pumped for this one!

Whether you’re a globe-trotter extraordinaire, or a bit travel-shy, as a photographer, you cannot resist the lure of creating content at fanciful destinations. And that’s just scratching the surface — it smacks even better when you’re doing this with some of the best people you’ve ever worked with.

Tovah chose Josh, and they (with me as their willing third wheeler) chose the Bonneville Salt Flats just west of the unassuming, populated settlement of Salt Lake City. One thing about this special location that makes it every photographer’s dream is the abundance of wanderlust in the area, the barren expanse of space, and serenity — all on a vast white plain.

On one hand, it gives off an Iceland-ish vibe due to it’s snow flaky looking landscape, appearing like it’s covered by water, but in reality, most of it is salty soil. On the other, it’s scenic beauty makes for the most fashion-forward backdrops you could ever find throughout the country.

In terms of a choice of destination, doesn’t just reflect the fashionable, outdoorsy, and trendy personality of the couple, but also communicates the posh, ultra-modern and the iconic features of the scene, this place packs all the goodness for just the right couple. And boy did we have a charming fit of a couple for this content creation adventure!

A Bond 007-themed Photoshoot With Josh And Tovah
Tovah and Josh gave us a call and trusted us flowing from the exceptional work we have accomplished together in the past. But this time when they got back into our welcoming arms, they needed fabulous, fashionable couple photoshoots done. You could tell it was not just another photoshoot that will live long in the memory, it was going to be something entirely different both in style as well as substance — James Bond 007 different!

A lot of factors ought to have fallen in the rightest places for this picture-perfect couples photoshoot to have gone the way it did. The cozy weather spun off a warm-lighted setting that was just as fitting for the shoot as Josh’s Dior Tux — and speaking about Tuxedos, you can see Josh’s model-esque eye for high-fashion, striking multiple poses with effortless gracefulness (and my help, of course. WINK. As well as the Dior)

Just before I get swept in the tide of nostalgia and begin to make this post entirely about Josh’s swashbuckling style, Tovah’s stunning entry left us awe-struck as she didn’t slouch on the Voguish side of things either. Her attention to detail, especially in the choice of her dazzling outfits, left little doubts in our hearts that she was here to steal the show with her fashion statement, and not just play ‘supporting cast’ to her significant other. She oozes the style of a Hollywood glam pin-up with a nod towards the vintage heyday glam.

Putting together an awe-inspiring look for your couples photoshoot doesn’t require an overly elaborate outfit — Tovah reminded us of this yet again. With a simple-yet-fascinating, blush-pink immaculate dress and a wicked (and by wicked, I mean ‘cool’ guys) pair of sun shades to boot, we can say she killed her darlings pretty proper while showing us ‘how it’s done!’ We love a chic and fashion-forward couple!

Enjoy the photos as Josh shows us how to rock a Tux — make sure it ‘fits like a glove’ (Quoting Josh) or just don’t wear it at all. Unlike some who dilly-dally about what brand name, or the appearance of the tux, rather than the fit, (UH-OH. shots fired) we think Josh made an excellent choice with the Tux — and how are we even surprised? — He chose Tovah!

engagement couple styling and kissing on the Salt Flats

Creating Content With Us
One unique angle to my photography is an innate ability to initiate chemistry with my clients at the other end of my camera lenses, turning nervous grins to genuine smiles, and creating a level of comfort and emotional connection that makes you feel very ‘in-your-elements.’ Don’t give a help-me-to-help-you opportunity a second thought.

If you know me on a first-name basis, then you probably know about my love for fashion, and how I’ve channeled this passion into my photography over the past years, you can tell from all indications that I enjoyed every moment making these amazing memories of shared love, affection, and happiness with Josh and Tovah.

‘Thank You’ note

Thank you so much Tovah and Josh for making me your rockstar destination photographer for this fun-filled photoshoot you put together. You both are such an inspiring couple and are so easy to work with as well. We hope you found your photos every inch worth the buzz because we thought it certainly was!

Thanks again, we send our love and best wishes to you and your family. Can’t wait for our next collaboration.


Lisa Staff.

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