3 Reasons To Do A Photoshoot Now

May 27, 2021

The cliche “live in the moment” may sound like words your octogenarian self (in the not-too-distant future) may look to sound out all and sundry who cares to listen. Which is, quite puzzling IMO, because, let’s face it. We live in a world of unreal standards that celebrate ‘perfection’

These standards (that have managed to sneak their way into our modern lifestyle) make us a tad unlikely to follow our hearts and go grab, for instance, that photoshoot, maybe because our body’s not quite packing that magazine cover-worthy aesthetics yet. So we’re a little laggin’ in confidence. 

What a bummer!

Not Terri, though. For a high-flying Doc like Terri, who spends half the time helping patients transform their health, and the other half honing her fashion-forward instincts to spew sauce how you can actually ‘do both’, like a superstar Doc should, we really cannot help but gush in awe of her captivating aura. 

Getting to know people or professionals and collaborating with them to clinically create amazing photos that celebrate their YOUTH (regardless of how old they may be) gives me the happy sweats! So you could imagine that seeing her flaunt her swashbuckling style, you would expect our tie-up to be explosive in the creative output we come up with.

And yes, she rose to the ‘occasion’ of the photoshoot, rocking the luscious pink shirt outfit from Karina Grimaldi. Karina makes stunning outfits that glams you up with a very feminine hue. She also sported comfy Black dress and blue dress — both creations of Amanda Uprichard who plugs you with out-of-office wears crafted to the peak of perfection, and aesthetic detail!

The idea of ‘seizing the moment’ seems to be a common thread that runs through Terri, from her willingness to indulge us in a fun-tastic photoshoot, to her interesting career journey, climbing through the ranks on the way to becoming the highly revered professional that she is. She teamed up with us to bring her vision for the photoshoot alive, and we wished it wouldn’t end. Really. 

Borrowing a page from Terri’s book, we’ve stepped into your shoes to hive out 3 genuine reasons why stalling should not be one of the reasons why you’re not onboard a photoshoot:

Time Flies. Heck!! Just do it!!

Even NIKE could do a better job at screaming this one loud enough. When will you rather make memories? I remember shrugging my shoulders when my parents and their friends lament “time flies!” Now that I’m a lot older and I have beautiful children of my own, this is something I can totally relate to. 

Whew. Time really does fly! But don’t worry, I’ll resist the urge to launch into Adele’s “When We Were Young”. What I’ll rather do is to chip in with another piece of advice that’ll bring you unprecedented joy later in life. And that leads me to the next one. 

You shouldn’t take yourself — and looks wayyy too seriously 

I get it. Our mindset is a never-ending loop of wishful thinking, of how we want our bodies to be. Only if we knew this line of thought deals a devastating punch to your tender self-esteem. Besides that, it’s also you falling prey to a longstanding sham that the industry has always profited from — the desire to always want to feel to be different, or improved, to unhealthy extremes. 

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m all for self-improvement. 

But chances are, you feel you’re not quite the head-spinning, dashing cinderella you once were in high school and college. Maybe you’re a few pounds overweight. Maybe you feel like you’re not in trends of fashion regarding your style. 

In the end, it counts for nothing, because there would be no better time to get yourself bundled up in the right mood where you bask in your sauce, and make awesome memories!

Perfect timing is a myth

Newsflash: You don’t need a reason. Just dive right in and preserve fleeting moments that your future YOU will look at, and grin ear to ear in excitement. 

A dashing outfit poised to turn heads. A scenic, nature-studded location to spew loads of that organic feel to your photographs. A darn good photographer whose camera game is bonkers! 

Sometimes, you don’t need more than the basics to pull off magical photoshoots. Bonus points if you come with your full range of emotions intact as well. Believe me, the best things in life that happen to us are not so planned. Ever experienced love at first sight?


Alrighty, speaking of having a photoshoot without a checklist of reasons, here’s where we are at today! Looking forward. If right now, you’ve got your gaze set on a day flowing with life-giving bursts of energy in the not-too-distant future with me, then you should have a peek into my 5 top hotspots in Hilton Head, specially curated for you. 

So, that’s the ‘unique location’ box ticked off your checklist right there. What more excuse have you got? See, once you discover how to overcome the ‘would-be-intimidating’ hurdles like less stressing about reasons to take a photo shoot and just ‘going for it’, you’ll be setting yourself up for a future packed with memorable delicacies of a glorious past. 

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