3 Reasons to Go Sailing in Mykonos, Greece

November 11, 2020

If you’re anything like me, after the current COVID-19 crisis is over, one of the first abroad destinations I’m hitting is Greece. More specifically, the Greek Islands. And if it isn’t on your travel bucket list, it should be. Literally one of the dreamest, most relaxing places I’ve ever been to. If you do plan to make it to the Greek Islands, my one suggestion is to make sure you book a sailing tour or a day out on the water. Not only does being on the water give you one of the best vantage points of the islands, it also forces you to relax and set sail because… well because you’re stuck on a boat.

When I went to Greece with my bestie, we were celebrating milestones, a birthday, and taking a few days to ourselves to get a refresher. While celebrating these fun times on this girls getaway, we made the wise decision of doing a sailing tour around Mykonos and I’m happy it did. It made the milestone celebrations that much more enjoyable and I have to say… I didn’t mind drinking my wine on a yacht. Needless to say, I highly recommend this little excursion no matter which Greek Island you find yourself on. Here are my top three reasons to go sailing in Mkyonos, Greece:

1 – Sun, Sea and a Good View

I guess this is three reasons wrapped into one, but with a sailing tour in Mykonos, you get sun, sea AND a good view all at the same time. As mentioned above, sailing through the Greek Islands gives you one of the best vantage points of the islands themselves. What they look like from the water, how the towns are constructed and just how gosh darn beautiful they are. Naturally while on the water you also get a little bit of sun (okay, try A LOT of sun) and an opportunity to enjoy that gorgeous sea. Talk about relaxation at its finest. I’m convinced nothing compares to being on the water no matter where you are.

2 – Your Only Choice is to Relax

When you hop on a sailing tour for a few hours, you’re on a boat in the middle of the water. So, the only choice you have is to kick back and relax. This is great for those who don’t ever slow down even when they’re on vacation. You can only spend so long wandering around the boat before you decide to give up and actually let the relaxation set in. No matter what your personality type, everyone needs a few moments to slow down and just breathe with no other obligations. A sailing tour around Mykonos, or any of the Greek Islands, is perfect for this. 

3 – Wine on a Yacht

Of course enjoying wine on a yacht has to be one of my reasons for taking a sailing tour. I enjoy wine regardless of where I’m at, but on a yacht while looking at the Greek Islands definitely takes the cake. It doesn’t have to be wine either – you can choose to enjoy your drink of choice to make it that much more enjoyable for you. After all, having a drink while on a boat is a form of relaxation and that is what this excursion is all about!

You’re probably wondering “if I find myself in Mykonos and want to go sailing, how do I do so?”. I’ve got you covered. When my bestie and I decided we wanted to set sail, we scoured Get Your Guide (https://www.getyourguide.com/) for all available sailing tours on the island we were staying on. We landed on a tour with Sunfos Alessia Yachting (https://www.sunfosalessiayachting.gr/). Once we chose our desired time and yacht experience, the rest was history. Next thing we knew we were on a boat with a cocktail in our hands. It’s that simple! 

Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back to Greece. This girls trip with my bestie holds some of my fondest memories – milestones, birthdays, and a few hours on a gorgeous boat in one of the gorgeous places I’ve ever seen. It was the perfect way to reset, refresh and bask in all the hard work I’ve been putting in over the last few years. Once we can travel abroad again, I think we will all need this same refresher SO add Mykonos, Greece and this sailing tour to your travel plans! 

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