Outside Living Space Must-Haves

November 19, 2020

Let’s hear it for another blog made possible by Kelly Caron and her amazing designs and…a few of my pictures. This blog happens to be coming at the perfect time too because this project, Sea Pines Beachfront Interior Design Project, just won the LightHouse Awards! Check out these pictures from the night of their win: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHZMHXuB8qX/. Can you say girl power??

I feel honored to have collaborated with Kelly Caron and team on the content creation of the gorgeous space they put together. It is beyond dreamy and of course, drummed up some inspiration for me. With Kelly’s savvy design skills, I’ve put together a list of outdoor living space must-haves for if you ever find yourself trying to decorate/design your patio, deck, etc. Now I understand an outdoor living space like what is pictured may not be achievable without an interior designer who knows their stuff, but…. we can dream, right? Keep scrolling for tips on how to decorate your outdoor space and some inspiration pictures from the Sea Pines Beachfront Interior Design Project.

Variety of Seating Options

Designing an outdoor living space leaves loads of opportunity to experiment with fun outdoor furniture, decor and more. I encourage you to use this opportunity to mix up your seating options! As you can see in this outdoor living space by Kelly Caron she used a variety of chairs, poufs, couches and even a large swing. Not only does using a variety of seating options add dimension and design elements to the space, but it also brings out the liveliness that an outdoor living space should possess. Think about it – outdoor living spaces are for kicking back and relaxing or enjoying a drink with friends. Designing with fun seating options will help bring the fun atmosphere alive!

Textiles, Textiles, Textiles

Treat your outdoor living space just like you treat your living room when it comes to pillows and blankets! If you live in an area like Hilton Head, you probably plan to spend a lot of time on your deck or patio, especially once the humidity dips some. That being said, make it comfy and cozy with comfortable pillows and blankets. Again, these things are perfect for adding an element of design, but they also make the space more liveable. If you have a blanket and a nice pillow available, chances are you’re going to hang out in that space longer. Heck, you may even take a nap!

Natural Elements

Just because you’re designing an outside space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate with natural pieces that you find right off your patio. Instead, designing an outdoor space provides even more reason to utilize elements that surround you. As you can see throughout this blog, Kelly Caron expertly utilized plants, flowers, and even coral that can all be found around the island. I take this as paying homage to the beauty that surrounds us and instead of trying to take away from that beauty, these elements just add to it. It does help that Hilton Head is such a beautiful place naturally.

Outside Shower

Who doesn’t love an outside shower?! I know this one may not be easily doable, but I wouldn’t be doing Kelly’s work justice if I didn’t bring up the fact that having an outside shower is a pro tip. Outdoor showers are especially useful when your family spends a lot of time outside or on the beach. When you come home from the beach with sand all over, everyone can just rinse off in the easy-to-access outside shower instead of tracking sand throughout the home. A shower makes for the perfect addition to any outdoor space especially when spending time outside is a big hobby of the homeowners.

Are you ready to re-design your outside space now that you know the must-haves? I know I am. Just added it to my list! Have to figure out the outdoor shower part though… 

This was such a fun project to capture and I couldn’t be happier for the Kelly Caron Designs team for the award they won and so deserved. These ladies put their hearts and souls into each project they take on and the love they have for their work is obvious. It’s also contagious. When you create content with a team that’s just as passionate about what they do as you are with what you do is when magic really happens. As a photographer in Hilton Head, I cherish the times I get to collaborate with other creatives of a different creative realm who aid in making the Lowcountry what it is.

Interested in more design tips and gorgeous inspiration pics? Check out the content creation Lisa Staff Photography did on another project with Kelly Caron and team: https://lisastaffphoto.com/design-tips-for-a-beachside-porch/

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