Design Tips for a Beachside Porch

September 23, 2020

What’s better than having a home right on the beach? Nothing. What about when this home has a spacious deck and pool fit for entertaining that is also right on the beach? Absolutely nothing is better…that is, as long as you have a pro interior designer to make it come to life and live up to its expectations. This is where Kelly Caron of Kelly Caron Designs comes in. Per the Kelly Caron Designs website:

“Kelly Caron Designs is a boutique design studio based in Bluffton, South Carolina, in the heart of the Lowcountry’s thriving design district. We create tailored environments, constructed with precision, luxury design elements and meticulous attention to detail.

Our design team brings years of experience to each project and allows for clients to visualise every aspect of the design – from start to finish. We are accomplished in discovering and defining our clients’ vision. Our passion is bringing southern soul and inspiration from our unique Lowcountry surroundings to each and every client.”

The Lisa Staff Photography team – AKA me – had the opportunity to photograph Kelly’s work on a new beachside escape (really a beachside mansion) in Hilton Head this summer. She was in charge of the interior design of the whole home however, the back porch was where the details of her work really showed through. And me being a photographer who is drawn to natural light and enjoys a wonderful beach view, I gravitated towards this space in particular.

Keep scrolling for peaks at this drop dead gorgeous backyard, learn more about this project in particular and how Kelly and team worked their magic.

When Kelly took on this project, her biggest goal was “to blend a peaceful, easy-breezy vibe from the outside-in”. As you can see in the photography, the whole back side of the home allowed for indoor-outdoor living and Kelly was on a mission to make it feel like a seamless transition. Like when you were inside you still got the vibe of the beach and when you were outside you still harbored some of the secluded, warm feel of the inside. I’d say she can mark this goal as being accomplished. Who agrees?

I also talked to Kelly about what the inspiration behind the design was…”I was truly inspired by the outdoor elements! Sand, dunes, water, sky, palms, and layers of natural nature in-between each element….”.  With the beach being literally RIGHT THERE, I think the Kelly Caron team hit the nail on the head. As you walk around the home and the back porch, you have all the feels of the beach and are surrounded by elements that draw you back to the nature that’s just a few steps outside your door. 

Overall, the design is something I probably won’t ever get over. When I first stepped into the home my jaw dropped to the floor. It’s no wonder that Kelly has testimonial after testimonial on her website from happy clients who are obsessed. Kelly knows her craft and knows how to do it WELL. As a photographer in Hilton Head, I cherish the times I get to collaborate with other creatives of a different creative realm who aid in making the lowcountry what it is. Now I’m just wondering when Kelly is going to come over and design my house…. 🙂

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