First Comes Relationships, Then Comes… A Stash of Cash?

November 20, 2021

If I ever got asked: “Lisa, what lits the wells of your tummy up with more satisfaction than a guilt-free sweet treat ever could since this past decade?” then I’ll have to look no further than my relationships—a fat serving of a lovingly knitted community with a side of not a care in the world that comes with rocking ‘n rolling with my favs.

Oh, wait. There more! It’s not just about the endorphin bursts I get when around this lovingly adorable bunch. (More so as that’ll just make me a chatterbox or hedonic diva with no toppings to my good person) It’s the good feeling of being nudged by having to come to terms with how much of a grip my relationships hold (and they’ve really held it down) on my growth—emotionally, mentally, and (as a result) when it all boils down to crankin’ up these numerals ($$$$). 

Local Life fishing shot of Jake Parker by Lisa Staff

Speaking about stackin’ up as an entrepreneur, with the rise of social media, we run into a problem. The problem touches upon reaching for the low-hanging fruit of instant gratification rather than piling on real, rewarding social capital. It’s that cold call culture as against patiently scaling the rigor of a value-studded sales funnel. It’s that putting the cart before horse, and seeing people as a means to an end rather than an end to themselves. 

But this will not be that blog post where I spill the beans on successfully steering the tender boat of our relationships. Even so, it’s never a bad time to roll the curtains on experiences with certain that have helped tailor my path towards what we are here and now.  

Local life Magazine pops right at the forefront of this storied list. Full confession: I’ve easily pegged ‘em into that hallowed cult of colleagues I dub “La Familia.” Over time, we’ve collaborated on some fabulous projects we can always both look back upon with all the pride and fondness it deserves, one of which is my latest shoot insert hyperlink. 

Be sure to glide through!

For me, one of the most beautiful things about modern photography is its beautiful blend of art and science. In a world where memories are stored in pixels, I get a rare chance (with tech’s infinitely helpful push) to morph them into keepsakes you don’t wanna keep for the sake of it—A science. Plus the art of channeling social expertise in my interaction with clients, colleagues, and my ever-supportive community to drum up some buzz about what I do (and how I do it!)

This fusion triggers **drumrolls** — scrumptious spin-offs of value creation (which you can always trust that I’m giddy to share with you!) No bluffs. I not only get to click these shutters and share part of my story and get you up to speed on new trends, the latest fashion, and goings-on.

Oldfield Plantation Outfitters Jacob Dubose

Sometimes, it’s tidbits about this whole new trajectory I’ve carved out for myself in business that make me go, “Dang, I don’t want this to end! Can we just keep talking??” Other times, it’s that delightful cataclysm of random, OR spanking new gists about perky purchases and ‘absolute steals’ (which won’t sit well with my inner wing-woman if I kept mum about)

Either way, I enjoy connecting, and it’s helped me a great deal. Nope. I don’t have all the answers. (I’m no fairy godmother!) All I’ve done is stay open to these pretty little life-savers called opportunity and embrace the uglies called risks—from the worst to the messiest and the dang, downright impossible. I’ve taken it all in my storied strides. 

And boy has opening my doors to the possibilities been a serious door-opener! Recall that when I cranked up my re-branding, I was dabbling into uncharted territory, with my relationships the only beacon of light guiding me. It’s not just relationships, but also the power of connecting to them as a human, not as a pretty square or as something that comes after the @ symbol. (DUH)

Till today, it’s allowed me to spread my wings and gain expertise in social media and podcasting. I’ve also co-founded SproutConnectors, where we help brands take up some residence in people’s hearts in a compelling manner using high-end storytelling. 

Remember those rare gems I spoke about giddily running along to spin a yarn about to ya? Honeybook is right on the top of that bucket list! For me, Honeybook is that one solution that’ll help crown your onboarding efforts with deserved success. Book clients without feeling like a fish out of water when invoicing.

P.S. I’ve got a discount code if you’re buckled in. What’s in it for you? SO much, but I reckon 50% off your subscription is a swell starter for you to start chipping away at your onboarding!

Another collectible cream of the crop for me? Flodesk. Just like Social Media notifications ding you whenever someone in your network pops a new activity, Flodesk plops my highly-rated (Not me. That’s what the feedbacks say!) newsletters. It’s how I dish you fresh insider happenings, latest tips, local hotspots, fashion, and all the exciting stuff I let you on in every so often. 

You don’t want to be left out? Follow my lead.  

You might also wanna keep your eyes peeled for instagram courses coming to a space near you—my space actually, with you in it, because you know there’s always gonna be so much we can achieve together.  

Oldfield Plantation Outfitters Jacob Dubose
Oldfield Plantation Outfitters Jacob Dubose
Oldfield Plantation Outfitters Jacob Dubose
Local Life fishing shot of Jake Parker by Lisa Staff
Local Life fishing shot of Jake Parker by Lisa Staff
Oldfield Plantation Outfitters Jacob Dubose

All images in this Local Life article were taken by Lisa Staff Photography – a lifestyle, fashion, wedding, and engagement photographer in Hilton Head, SC. To learn more about collaborating with Lisa, click the button below:

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