5 Fall Styling Tips to Look Like a Pro

November 5, 2021

Fall is HERE!! I’m screaming it from the rooftops because this means cooler weather and boot season. If you live in South Carolina, you understand the excitement. Along with cooler temps and pulling my Zara boots back out, this season brings a spin on gatherings and get-togethers. The Hilton Head cooler temps aren’t quite cold enough to force us indoors however, gatherings get a little cozier and of course, get a dose of some fall decor. If you’re hosting a fall event/party, or even a Halloween event, here are some styling tips to help you get the fall theme just right:

Your Party Doesn’t Have to Scream Halloween

Just because you’re hosting your gathering around the same time as Halloween doesn’t mean you should run to Target and grab all the fake bats and skeletons from the Halloween section. Instead, keep it casual with fall colored or related decor. Everyone knows the fall also means Halloween, but your party doesn’t need to look like a Halloween City threw up all over it. Simple fall decor will do.

Pumpkins and Gourds are a YES

One of the easiest ways to bring a fall vibe to your gathering is to decorate with pumpkins or gourds. By using pumpkins/gourds, you bring in a natural feel that doesn’t come off as forced fall decorating. Plus, there are so many colors of gourds and pumpkins out there to choose from – you’re bound to find some that match the rest of the setting. I suggest having fun with it and grabbing a few colors of different sizes, similar to what you’ll see in some of these pictures. You can even go the fake pumpkin or decorate pumpkin route and mix them in with the real thing.

Swap Out Your Textiles

The textiles – pillows, blankets, napkins, table runner, etc – that you have gracing the areas people will be hanging out can make or break your overall design. Once fall hits or as you’re getting ready for your party, swap out those summer textiles for something cozier and more fall feeling. Plaid or dark orange, green, or brown really cozy up a space and bring the color of the changing leaves indoors. You’ll know when you’ve gotten it right because the right textiles will make you want to grab a cup of hot tea (or wine) and enjoy the need for an extra layer or two.

Bring the Fall Colors to Your Food/Beverages

If you’re going to go for a fall-themed party, the food and drinks you serve have to emulate that! This is your opportunity to have fun and find a signature autumn cocktail to create that you wouldn’t otherwise have unless at a fall party. And why not have fun with your appetizers and main course? A quick Pinterest or Google search will have you feeling confident in whipping up something unique in the kitchen. Geist Ussery did an amazing job of bringing the season into his servings at this party.

Serving Dishes, Dinnerware and Flatware Matter

If you’re really looking to go the distance with your autumn-themed get together, you shouldn’t skimp on bringing her serving dishes, dinnerware, and flatware in on the fun too. Now I’m not saying go out and buy plates that have pumpkin designs all over them. No. Instead, this is where you can be subtle with natural elements (wood) or fun patterns that bring the fall outdoors onto your table. Even just using a ceramic serving plate here and there can bring about the cozy feel that you’re after. Again, expertly done at this party by Geist – can he get any better?!

If you know me, you know I’m not a theme decorator. You won’t catch me decorating for Halloween, Christmas or really any holiday at all. However, this is a party vibe I can get behind. I am a sucker for all things fall and anything cozy with a hint of relaxation is totally in my wheelhouse. BRB while I go buy a few pumpkins and gourds to sprinkle inside my home. Sidenote – stay tuned for a feature on this wonderfully put together party in my next Lisa Staff Photography newsletter. If you aren’t subscribed, do so by visiting my home page – www.lisastaffphoto.com – and plopping your info into the pop up. 

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