Have you ever received a wedding invitation that you are confused about the dress code? Such was the wedding invitation between Nicole and Brian. It was a black-tie event.

A black tie wedding event dress code is formal wedding attire where the men are expected to wear a tuxedo with tails, a formal white shirt, white vest, a bow tie, black trousers and a pair of leather shoes to match. The women are to wear a floor-length evening gown with high heel shoes.

The ambience was fantastic. The wedding event took place at the prestigious Oldfield Plantation at the Lowcountry. It was the right place for a memorable wedding event like that of Nicole and Brian. This is an event place that boasts of first-class amenities. Their website www.oldfield1732.com/weddings/ shows its wonderful facilities and a great history of hosting successful wedding events. There is the River Club, Magnolia Grill Clubhouse, and the riverfront Outfitters Center. These facilities embrace the elegance, history and authenticity of the Lowcountry. These are the perfect amenities that made the wedding between Nicole and Brian a worthy and memorable one. It is an event place where memories are created forever. It is an event place that truly makes a wedding the happiest day in a couple’s life. They say “all that glitters is not gold” but Oldfield Plantation is a Diamond amongst event places.

The Nicole and Brian Wedding Event program was as follows:

  • 8 am Sports Club Visit – Lap Pool or Fitness Center
  • 10 am Hair & Make-up begin on Site
  • 2 pm Photography begins
  • 5 pm Ceremony Starts
  • 5:45 pm Cocktail Hour begins
  • 6:30 pm Dinner Stations open
  • 8 pm Cake Cutting
  • 9 pm Dance with the couple

The wedding event started in earnest. The wedding event began at exactly 5 pm. All the guests at the wedding event looked so spectacular. The men were looking dashing and the women were very glamorous. The couple couldn’t have wished for anything better. They were visibly excited and happy. Finally, the wedding day has become a reality after months of planning.

All the invited guests look like they were visiting the White House for a dinner. Everything looked so awesome. The dress code gave the event a special vibe that resonated everywhere.

There were plenty of Southern cuisines to eat and drink. At 9 pm, it was time to dance with the couple. Everyone showed their best dance steps. It was fun all through the evening. There were lots of gifts for the couple. Congratulations to Nicole and Brian, the latest couple in town. This will go down as another memorable Lowcountry wedding event.

A black tie wedding event is just ideal if you want to have a more memorable wedding ceremony. It is far better than the standard casual attire. Guests love it. If you are planning a wedding ceremony at the Lowcountry, make it happen at the Oldfield Plantation and have a splendid wedding event that its memories would linger for a long time to come.