On your wedding day, you want to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. But, finding the right wedding gown when you are preparing to walk down the aisle can be very tough. You want a wedding gown that speaks volumes about your personality and style. You don’t want to miss the once in a lifetime chance of being the cynosure of all eyes on your wedding day. You want to look stylish, trendy and classic at the same time. You also want to look timeless. Your wedding gown should be the talk of the town for a long time to come. Here are the different personalities a bride can fall into. The stunning backdrop is courtesy of the gorgeous and timeless Oldfield 1732

  1. The conservative bride – The conservative bride is never comfortable showing off her body parts. She wants to be well covered from head to toe. As a conservative bride, you can still look good in your long gown fitted with romantic lace without doing away with your style. Yes, there is a gown for you if you fall into this personality.
  2. The simple bride – She doesn’t like something that looks too complicated. Simplicity is her watchword. She’s not the glamorous type. She just wants something simple and decent. Yes, there is something for you as a simple bride.
  3. The sophisticated bride – She doesn’t fancy the usual ball gown. She wants a wedding dress that picks her curvy body perfectly. She wants to look glamorous, trendy and stylish. She wants to be the princess; not just the bride. The sophisticated bride knows what she wants, and would go for it no matter the cost.
  4. The realistic bride – Not every bride would fancy spending so much on a wedding gown that would be worn for just a day. The realistic bride wants an everyday dress as a wedding gown. Something she can continue to wear even after the wedding is long gone. Yes, such a wedding gown exists if you fit into this personality.
  5. The sweet bride – She just wants to look adorable – no compromises. She does a lot of thinking about how her dress should ideally look like. All the fine details are important to her – the bows and the laces can’t be exempted. Don’t blame her. She is a sweet bride.
  6. The fun-loving bride – For the fun-loving bride, her dress is a party, so she is. The fun-loving bride wants to look comfortable in her wedding dress so that she can dance well. You can’t take away her fun-loving personality from her. For her, every day is a party.
  7. The edgy bride – The edgy bride just wants to stand out. She likes to change the rule. For her, the usual white wedding gown is not for her just because everyone is wearing it. She wants something unusual. The edgy bride has a favorite color. Her wedding day is the day to show it off. You can’t begrudge her, she is the edgy bride.