The Best Time of Day to Explore Mykonos, Greece

February 24, 2020

Ahh, Mykonos, Greece. Greece’s most favorite cosmopolitan island. A paradise full of white buildings in the heart of the Cyclades. Sounds beautiful, right? You’ve got that right! Mykonos is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s one of the few places that is enjoyable regardless of season or time of day – winter, summer, day, night… you name it, it’s awesome. There is really no bad time to experience this Greek island, which got its name from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”. Although there’s no bad time to visit, the island does get busy (those darn tourists :)), so if you want to do some real exploring, I’ve got an insider tip for you: be an early riser and get out there before the island wakes up for the day. I discovered this a few days into my trip there and was able to get some amazing spots with great views all to myself, which can be hard to do after the early morning hours. Here’s more about why the morning is the best time to explore Mykonos and what to add to your morning adventure list if you go:

But First, Coffee & Make it Greek

Okay so you rose super early in order to get Mykonos all to yourself. Good job! Before you actually start exploring though, I suggest coffee, Greek coffee! Literally the best coffee you’ll ever drink. There are great coffee shops everywhere you turn, but here’s a few to get you started:

The Ocean is Calling

After grabbing that delicious cup of joe, I’d head to where the land meets the sea and explore the oceanside. In the early morning and with the sunrise, the colors are so dramatic and light up the water and white oceanside buildings like no other. You don’t even need to find a beach necessarily, just wander around any alley or path that runs along the ocean – you will not be disappointed. You may even want to find a breakfast spot that’s on the water if you need a little more than a morning coffee to fill you up.

These pictures are some of my favorite from the early morning exploring – doesn’t the water and sky just look delicious?!

The Cobblestone Streets

After a lovely morning stroll along the water, I’d head inland a little bit and hit the streets of Mykonos that will soon be bustling. The best place to go would be a central point in Mykonos called Matoyianni Street. This area is home to a complex of many small cobblestone streets and pathways that are a trademark of beautiful Mykonos. Mykonos is actually the fashion capital of Greece and Matoyianni is home to the best shops and fashion brands such as. You can also find great restaurants, bars, entertainment, and nightlife in this area. It’s amazing to see it in the morning at its quietest before the streets start to get taken over with people. If you explore in the morning, you get an opportunity to take in the beauty and pops of color that line the streets without being distracted by locals and tourists – you also won’t need to crop or photoshop them out of the hundreds of photos that you’re bound to take 🙂

Notice how there’s no one in any of my photos?? So there ya have it, if you want Mykonos all to yourself, and trust me you do, then just wake up and hour or two earlier than normal and get out there! Don’t get me wrong, it’s breathtaking any time of day, but getting the opportunity to have it to yourself for a little while is priceless and worth losing a some sleep. And you really don’t have to spend that time doing anything crazy – grab a cup of coffee and just walk around, from the ocean to the inner streets, you won’t be disappointed! 

Below are the rest of the pictures from that glorious morning exploring Mykonos. Check them out and let me know what your favorite spots are if you’ve been 🙂 

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