Three Perfect Wedding Venues In South Carolina Part 2

March 24, 2023

Hilton Head wedding photographer Lisa Staff Photography

Here Are 3 Spectacular Wedding Venues In South Carolina Part 2

Wedding Venues In South Carolina

Congratulations on your wedding engagement. Now what? You choose a date and then try to find a wedding venue in South Carolina, Georgia, or the Southeast Coast that is available and checks off all of the boxes. How do you even start to know what all of those boxes are? There are so many beautiful venues in South Carolina and the Lowcountry that could be the right fit but how do you find them without feeling overwhelmed?

You Need To See These Wedding Venues in South Carolina

Are you looking for a wedding venue with beach vibes, old historical mansions, a waterfront resort, an upscale private residence, all of the Southern magic with live oaks and history, or one of the many high-end private plantations? The possibilities are limitless.

Let me start off with a few of my favorite wedding venues in the Hilton Head, SC area and why I think that they are simply magical for a wedding. Mind you, I am a photographer so the logistics of the venue matter as well as the aesthetic magic of capturing the best photography, great light, and the limitless possibilities of the wedding venue to allow for all of the facilities necessary to make your wedding day seamless and foolproof. 

You Must Be the Stars of the Show

One other thing that I am mindful of when suggesting wedding venues is that the bride and groom are the one and THE ONLY bride and groom that you will see that day. Do you even realize how important this is? It’s a buzz kill, even as a photographer to be shooting your gorgeous wedding party and then out of the corner of your eye, see another bridal party entering your space. No trespassing allowed. I don’t want to see another wedding party and you as the bride and groom certainly don’t want to feel anything but the special and the king and queen of the day. 

I definitely can’t think of a better way to let you know how much I love what I do than sharing some of the incredible wedding venues that are the perfect backdrop to document your love story. From pristine beaches to age-old live oaks to mansions to modern marvels. Whether it’s man-made or a tribute to nature, I’m all for sharing. These are just a few of the places where I love to capture luxury weddings.

Keep reading to find some of the best wedding venues in South Carolina. This is the second blog in the series. The first blog was on beautiful Hewitt Oaks. Stay in touch for the next blog and insights on the perfect wedding venues in South Carolina.

Today’s knowledge drop is the Rental Home to Host your Wedding

Rental Homes – AirBnb and VRBO

My next suggestion is a rental home and there are so many reasons why. You are going to love them all.


There are so many options to choose from. And I would say that there are considerably more rental options with available dates than there are large venues. So you have the convenience to pick your date within this century and numerous properties in gorgeous locations.

Let’s Fit Your Vibe and Your Aesthetic

You can choose the backdrop that fits your vibe. The architecture that is your style. The surroundings of the beach, mansion, gardens, and privacy.

Just all you and your peeps

You won’t see another bride or groom that day. You will enjoy having complete and utter privacy for a more intimate affair without interruptions or unwanted people.

All of the Pretty Details

You are guaranteed to have a beautiful room to get ready in. Trust me. It makes a difference. You don’t want to put your wedding dress on in an ugly room. Everything, and I mean everything, is a photo op.

Mini Honeymoon Vibes

You can choose to make your wedding day into either a wedding week or a mini honeymoon after by booking the property out for the week. What a great way to gather everyone together before the wedding day. 

Spa Day, Rehearsal Dinner, and Lots of Assistants

You can relax, reconnect, schedule a group spa day or do other activities like golf. You have assistance to get any last-minute details together. What about scheduling a fantastic rehearsal dinner the night before?

Relax and Unwind

Or this gives you a chance to relax and unwind in an unhurried way after the wedding is over and the guests are gone. You don’t need to jet off yet to a honeymoon. You can catch your breath, take a beat and enjoy each other and the beautiful rental property for the rest of the week. 

No Hide and Seek

The convenience of having those helping you get ready that day all centralized. You are not having to navigate through large hotels trying to track down any of your ride-or-die people. Have your “people” there to delegate to and just have a damn good time with them.

Perfect for Intimate Weddings

If you’re looking to host a smaller wedding it can be tricky at some larger venues where there could be a minimum guest count that you’ll be responsible to pay for whether you are going that big or not. There won’t be any “minimum” bar tab or minimum fee as there are in many resorts. You can plan it as you like.

The Goldilocks Vibe -The Right Size

You can choose a venue that just “fits” size-wise. No “Goldilocks vibes” here. Pick the one that is “just right”,  that isn’t too big or too small. I have covered events before where the 100 guests get lost in the size of the cavernous room. It’s just not the atmosphere that you want where it feels impersonal and empty.

Travel Vibes Without Leaving the Country

You will feel like you have traveled to a faraway exotic location without having to leave the country. The idea of a private and perfectly curated rental property wedding is somewhat of a fantasy. It feels luxurious and almost sublime to have an event at this little oasis you’ve created for your big wedding day. That is definitely a draw for many couples when deciding whether they want to take the plunge with a rental property wedding.

She’s Already Beautiful

The fact that you are choosing a location that speaks to you pretty much guarantees that it is already gorgeous. Why is this important? Well, it’s not like renting out a ballroom for your wedding day that you can spend thousands on trying to decorate and it still looks like you’re about to hold a convention business meeting. You are already working with a beautiful palette that won’t need a full facelift.

Mini Vacation

If you are renting the property for the week and it is sizable enough to host a large group, this can become a mini vacation for other family members and friends. It’s a great way to elevate and lengthen the celebration for all and not just an event that guests are screeching in and out of. Let’s slow down and enjoy the significance of this beautiful day with all of your favorite people.

Is There a Backup Plan?

Should the weather not cooperate, can the event be comfortably moved inside or is there room for a tent outside? Many of the wedding events that I photograph make it standard to have a tent come rain or shine and it’s perfect and atmospheric. You don’t always have those options when booking at a venue where you have chosen their one room or one outdoor location.

There’s Always an After Party

Because you are making up the rules. 

Let’s Add a European Flare

Consider doing something a little more European.

You can have an early daytime wedding. It doesn’t have to go late into the evening. You can do an early ceremony followed by a beautiful lunch or brunch. Celebrate that afternoon with all of the dancing and cocktails. And then end early. And you can always have that after-party. With another cool dress, obviously.

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