There is no doubt fashion in this 21st century has become an economic force in its own right. Luxury businesses drive high consumer spending. Fashion goes hand in hand with art. It is no surprise to see different art collectors wearing various luxury labels and many of the fashion houses acquiring the work of top-notch artists. There has always been a mutual admiration for both art and fashion.

It was no surprise when art met fashion at the Red Piano Gallery. It was a display of wonderful art collections and irresistible fashion. But, what does art have in common with fashion? Every art lover knows that art and fashion are linked in one way or the other. Art influences fashion and fashion also influences art. The world of fashion photography is a classic example of the perfect match between art and fashion.

As a matter fact, the historical relationship between art and fashion actually runs very deep – the two share a common bond as fashion is becoming the prime focus of the ever-increasing art exhibitions with a high number of artists.

Today, the distinct line that used to separate art from fashion has become very blurry. The symbiotic relationship continues to see growth all seasons. The two keeps influencing each other and this is well reflected in the trends of the present day.

When it comes to art, these great artists churn out their arts based on different background regarding their style, technique, and the art media. Obviously, this is understandable. The artists are influenced and inspired differently.

The artists that displayed their work at the Red Piano Gallery seem to try to tell everyone available that art is fashion and fashion is art. The two are actually inseparable.

The art and fashion display at the Red Piano Gallery were well commended by art enthusiasts and fashion lovers. The fashion performance was impressive and the art collections were great.

It was a very cool evening with classical music to thrill visitors who thronged the Red Piano Gallery. A lot of fashion houses made their presence known at the Gallery. The Back Door, headlined the event with eye-popping clothes. See them at Cacoon was also on hand with their creative designs. Check out There is also Copper Penny on the ground at Haskins & Co didn’t disappoint. Visit them on their Facebook page at

Gigi’s was outstanding at Hilton Head Island also made their mark Big thanks to Outside Hilton Head for their support  Credit must also be given to SM Bradford Co. for their impressive showing. See their website at Birdie James can’t be forgotten at Knickers made a marvellous impression. Check out Knickers at Worth New York was outstanding with appealing women’s wear. You just have to see what they have got at Thanks to Red Piano Gallery for hosting the event. Visit

It was no doubt an unforgettable night. Truly, fashion and art are like Siamese twins.