Every woman always has one fantasy or the other about how their weddings will look like. Others use their wedding ceremonies as a guard of honor for people who are closest to them. This is the case for Amanda. She wants no bridesmaids on her wedding day. No bridesmaids at all!

She just wants her girlfriends all around her all through the wedding ceremony. Having no bridesmaids on a wedding day looks strange to many. But this is what Amanda wants. Amanda wants to share one of her happiest days with her girlfriends who have been so loyal to her over the years. She is taking the non-traditional route which no one expected. Before the wedding ceremony proper, she popped the champagne and had a toast with her girlfriends.

They were all happy. She was very happy to be the latest bride in town with her girlfriends supporting her all the way. Then, there was a surprise gift for all of her girlfriends. It was a gift of makeup for her girlfriends – old, young and kids. It was a gift that was well appreciated by her girlfriends.

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Come to think of it, a wedding without bridesmaids is not an unusual scene. It also comes with some great benefits too. You can never go wrong with a wedding without bridesmaids. Let’s highlight the benefits.

1. It is one way to honour the people who are closest to you – Your girlfriends have been with you through thick and thin. One of the best ways to appreciate and recognize them is on your wedding day. It is also another way to honor them for their dedication and friendship over the years. Honoring your girlfriends is always a memorable event. It is a once in a lifetime event that is worthy of emulation by all would-be bride.

2. It is a form of emotional support – Seeing your girlfriends around you on your wedding day is a form of emotional support for the bride. There are times a bride may get nervous and anxious, but seeing her girlfriends around her gives her some form of comfort and ease. There is no room for the inferiority complex when you have your girlfriends all around you. It boosts your confidence level and makes you feel excited all through the wedding ceremony.

3. Girlfriends as helping hands – Your girlfriends will lend you a helping hand on the day of your wedding. They run errands for you at your wedding without expecting any financial rewards. They want to make sure everything goes on smoothly on your wedding day without any hitches. There is nothing like having dependable friends. They will help with the makeup, the hair-do and other stuff. It is also one way to cut cost. A wedding without bridesmaid is something that is very unique.