I remember back in middle and high school when girls were constantly competing against one another. Not only were they competing, they were bringing each other down and being super catty literally all the time. We thought the only way to make ourselves look better was to bring the next girl down. Do you remember those days? 

Luckily, times are changing and women are starting to understand the value of keeping close friendships with strong females. We’re realizing there’s no real reason to be intimidated by other women. Honestly, we all have similar stories and everyday struggles we face simply because we are women, so why not band together and support each other? Your life will take a turn for the better and you’ll see immense benefits if you take this simple advice. I’ve outlined my top three reasons every female should surround themselves with a tribe of strong girlbosses:

1 – Women Get Eachother

As much as you may not want to believe it, women get each other. It’s very likely that you can tell pieces of your life story to another female and she’ll be able to relate or may have experienced something very similar. For example, if you’ve had a hard time getting taken seriously at work because you’re a female, guess what? Almost all other women have experienced that too! If you’re a single mom trying to work, take care of the home, and put your kids first above all else? A lot of us are doing the same, INCLUDING ME! So yes, us women have more in common than you think – similar stories, experiences, struggles, happy/proud moments – find your girlboss pack and don’t be afraid to open up, because they get it.

2 – Better Emotional Support

Reason #2 to keep strong female friendships is because they tend to offer better emotional support than say, your husband or kids, and this is because of reason #1; THEY GET IT! Also, women are natural caregivers and know when or how to be sympathetic and understanding. We don’t hide from our feelings, so if you go to a woman in a time of need, you’re going to get some real emotional support and some real constructive advice (be ready for it). They may feel just as deeply as you do about your dilemma because they’ve been there, making you feel like someone really has your back when the rest of the world is against you. This emotional support will be a life changer once you get a dose of it.

3 – They’ll Make You Stronger

The last reason (and one of the most important) to keep a group of strong females around you is because STRONG WOMEN MAKE OTHER WOMEN STRONGER. It may sound crazy, but it’s the truth. Women are constantly being told that if we state our opinion we’re being obnoxious or out of line or that we’re being too emotional if we get upset over something that’s more than worthy of getting upset over. The way to ignore the societal noise is to surround yourself with strong women who aren’t afraid to go against the grain and live their life they way they choose to. 

These women will keep you in check while pushing you to be your best. They’ll inspire you and make you want to reach for the stars. They’ll remind you what it feels like to be confident in yourself and your abilities. And next thing you know, you’ll be going after things with such a force that you can’t help but be successful. You’ll also start to feel more like yourself because your girlboss group will remind you, there’s nothing wrong with being you and chasing after your dreams. I’m tellin’ ya, there’s nothing like motivation from a group of strong women.

I could keep going for pages and pages on this topic, but I’ll stop here. These are my top three reasons every female should surround themselves with a close, strong group of girlbosses. I was inspired to write this blog post by my friend Whitney, whose pictures are all over this post. She is a strong woman if there ever was one and has a great group of supportive friends that she calls her “wolfpack”. They’ve gotten her through the toughest and best times. I had the pleasure of photographing her and her wolfpack during their girls trip (which I also recommend taking). During this shoot, I could feel the love and support they had for eachother just in how they interacted – the energy was electrifying.

Do you have a group of women that you’re proud to surround yourself with? I’d love to hear about your girlboss friendships in the comments below!