Distractions can hamper your preparation for the wedding day especially if you are preparing from home. Choosing a suitable getting ready location for your wedding day is the most important decision you can make after choosing a wedding venue. In order to avoid distractions, you need to look for a “home away from home”. Having a getting ready location for your wedding day is a pre-wedding event. This location is well suited for taking stunning photos before the wedding day proper. You have to take the following into cognizance if you are looking for the right getting ready location for your wedding day.

1. Window light and lighting – When you are scouting for a getting-ready location for your wedding day, you have to look out for a room or suite with large windows. The windows must have light. This is where your getting ready photos would be shot before the wedding day. Window light help to give you breathtaking photos. When we talk about light, we are not talking about artificial lighting; we are talking about natural light. When natural light fills up the room, what you get are photos that look over the top flattering and amazing. This is where you can get very memorable bridal portraits. Next is lighting. Great lighting helps to bring out the beauty of the bride’s hair and the makeup through the camera. Everything looks glowing when under incredible lighting. For a beautiful hair-do and makeup, you can visit Bride’s Side Beauty at https://www.bridessidebeauty.com/

2. Spacious area – One important thing you must look out for when looking for a getting ready location for your wedding day is a spacious area. You don’t want to get cramped up with your friends and family members in a location with a tight space. There should be enough room to freely move about. This is key if you desire a once in a lifetime experience. Getting a well spacious area will allow your friends and family members to help you get prepared and also celebrate with you. A well spacious room also gives the photographer enough space to take beautiful shots. And let’s not forget there is always tons of “stuff” that gets in the way with everyone getting ready in the same place. It’s perfect to have somewhere to hide all of that so it’s not visible in the pictures.

3. Clean up the room – Avoid having a messy room. This is why it is important to clean up the room. You wouldn’t want to see clothes, overnight bags, makeup essentials or panties dropped on the floor in your photos. You wouldn’t want the photographer to be the one pushing tables in order to have the right background for your photos. Trust me. I do this all of the time. Things get crazy. Cleaning the room should be done ahead of time.

4. Get an event planner – You can hire an event planner to help with all of the key elements to make your wedding day perfect as well as finding a suitable getting ready location for your big day. A wedding planner can help you to get a perfect location that suits you. Check out http://kellicorn.com to hire a professional event planner.

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