Tips to Gardening Green on Hilton Head Island

Forget everything you thought you knew about environmentalism. Forget the image of the tie-dyed wearing hippie, munching on granola and shaming you for not composting your kitchen scraps. Today’s environmentalist sees the rising tide of conscientious living as the key...

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Heritage Week Fashion on Hilton Head

Professional golfers aren’t the only visitors coming for Heritage week. Many locals have family and friends that vacation around the PGA Tour event and the festivities that surround it. It’s an active week full of golf, the beach, sightseeing and gathering with...

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When Fashion Meets Art

There is no doubt fashion in this 21st century has become an economic force in its own right. Luxury businesses drive high consumer spending. Fashion goes hand in hand with art. It is no surprise to see different art collectors wearing various luxury labels and many...

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Gull Island

Gull Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the United States. The Island offers world-class golf, beautiful beaches, wildlife, recreation, dining, and entertainment. Gull Island is an island within an island. Located in the Sea Pines Plantation near the...

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The Elopement Couple

A conventional wedding is still a lure. Many people keep dreaming of a big ticket wedding. It becomes unusual when you plan to elope. Elopement is an intimate way to get married in grand style. The intimacy shared on the day remains very memorable for a long time to...

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The Spring Island Pop Up Dinner

A table pop up dinner is novel, rousing and boundary-breaking. It is always hip. “Pop up restaurant” is now the talking point. No wonder there was so much excitement amongst the residents of the Spring Island when the news of organizing a pop up dinner went out....

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Choosing the right venue to host an event

Choosing the right venue to host an event can be a herculean task. There are important details to look out for when searching for a suitable event place. We have done our homework. This article is to guide you on how to look for a venue that will be befitting for your...

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A Black Tie Formal Wedding at the Lowcountry

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that you are confused about the dress code? Such was the wedding invitation between Nicole and Brian. It was a black-tie event. A black tie wedding event dress code is formal wedding attire where the men are expected to wear...

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