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I'm not quite the sage from the stage, and I sure as candy don't have all the answers. I don't get it perfect-polish sometimes and shitastic days are not out of the mix. One thing that lives here, though, is a passion-fueled commitment to bring you photography, as I see it, and live it - from latest trends, to creative foods for thought, goofy antics and everything in between. Do have a blast!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Photography Clients Coming Back for More


How do we create client retention in our business as wedding photographers, family portrait photographers, engagement photographers and senior photographers?

How do we create client retention in our business as wedding photographers, family portrait photographers, engagement photographers and senior photographers?

All of the reasons that you should have a Rehearsal Dinner for your wedding on a sailboat in Hilton Head, Charleston and Savannah

White Glove Candid Marriage Proposals with Lisa Staff Photography Do you want to surprise your loved one with a marriage proposal but don’t know how to do it? Hiring a professional photographer is the way to go. Here are five reasons why hiring a marriage proposal photographer is worth every penny! So you’ve found your […]

Jenny and Brandon came for the big feels (not just the frills!) on an occasion that once again showed us how much of a good thing it is to find that someone — who truly cherishes you — for you. For me, weddings are the perfect show of true love, unhalved commitment, and an expression […]

Outdoor Venue with Tent set up photography by Lisa Staff Photography

Thinking Outside the Box for Outdoor Event Locations Creating Content for Stellar Venues | Lisa Staff Photography As someone whose passion is helping clients explore their personal visions for memorable events and capturing them on film or video, I am always on the lookout for new and unusual venues. This exploration is important to me, […]

5 Tips for the Best Engagement Photography | ASHLEY & AARON Someone once told me that my superpower was in simplifying things. So, hand me my cape, because I did something for you. I’ve compiled a page full of all my “picture perfect” wisdom about pulling off your engagement photography sessions like the astounding power […]

The cliche “live in the moment” may sound like words your octogenarian self (in the not-too-distant future) may look to sound out all and sundry who cares to listen. Which is, quite puzzling IMO, because, let’s face it. We live in a world of unreal standards that celebrate ‘perfection’ These standards (that have managed to […]

Men, I have some important questions to ask you. So here goes. Do the words “summer” and “men’s fashion” make you a little bit uncomfy? Are you wearing the same shorts that you bought a decade ago? Cuz those jorts have got to go! Bearing in mind the last year, do those clothes still fit […]

Let’s get something clear right at the top of this blog post — I can count a couple of ways to tickle my fancy other than having to do fabulous collaborations on the fingers of one hand. And while the word “collaboration” might come off as quite inclusive, I don’t mean an ‘I-wanna-work-with-you-and-you-and-youuuuuuuu’ Oprah-style checklist.  […]

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If you haven’t noticed, consumer trust in corporate brands has reached new depths of lows. Online advertising? customers got 99 problems, but handling intrusive ads is not on that list. There’s an opportunity to be tapped here — smaller businesses now have the upper hand in leveraging personal branding & relationship as a channel to […]