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Speechless! They are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t thank you enough… as I’ve pretended to be in webinars this afternoon while secretly weeping over these amazing photos.


THANK YOU SO MUCH.  The photos are amazing! We spent all night going through them.  They capture the day so perfectly and helped us relive it last night.  It was such a special day and to have such beautiful reminders is priceless to us.  All of the pictures are so incredible.  Thank you thank you thank you!  We absolutely love them.

The photos!! Your amazing ability to capture each and every moment in a perfect way!! I’m not sure quite where to begin….first of all let me begin by saying I’m pretty sure there isn’t a bad photograph of Amanda!! You seemed to capture all of her beauty inside and out…and you can tell Amanda is not camera shy at all…lol My personal favorites are on the beach with the veil in front of her face…just gorgeous! We are enamored with each and every one of the pictures…SPECTACULAR!!. …and yes we can adopt you 🙂 Actually, it would be our pleasure! Would love to have dinner one night with you when we’re back on the island again!


O…M…G! I am in love! These pictures are more perfect than what I could have ever dreamed. Russ and I are over the moon ecstatic! He looks so handsome in them. Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully. We will have these memories forever. You and Mark are so very talented!!!

Thank you again for your fantastic work!



We are speechless! These photos are exactly how we wanted our wedding to be portrayed. 

Thank you, thank you!! We feel so lucky that we were able to have you come out and be part of our special day. 

We are so happy that we get to look back on our wedding day with these very emotionally raw photos to bring back all the love that we felt that day. We love you all!