Why You Should Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media

August 19, 2020

Lisa Staff Photography and Sprout Connectors, Lisa Staff Photography’s newest sister brand, are two brands on one mission, which is to connect, collaborate, and create for businesses, brands and people with a goal to make their lives easier, grow their brand awareness and free up some of their time. Part of Lisa Staff Photography and Sprout Connectors, based in Hilton Head, SC, offering is taking on the social media of businesses and brands so the owners can get back to being owners and focus on the long list of items they have in front of them. 

Why You Should Hire Someone, like Lisa Staff/Sprout, to Manage Your Social Media:

I get it – you think you got this, today’s social media platforms provide incredible and all-inclusive marketing tools that in theory should enable you to maximize your social media presence…Confidentially speaking, between one entrepreneur to another – this is not the reality for solopreneurs and even small business owners. I have a solution, however, read on to hear about it.

I hired a social media manager to help me out. The pivotal decision turned out to be a game changer…logistics, scheduling, strategy, all dramatically improved. I was finally able to focus on growing my business without having to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media – which I quickly realized in the last three years just how critical it is to my brand and my business! 

Are you overwhelmed with trying to keep up with what to post where and when and why…(insert headbang). So when I finally broke down ages ago and admitted I needed an intervention, literally – my business took off! Hiring an experienced social media manager/agency was the right choice to help me increase my brand’s awareness, customer engagement, and what turned out to be the biggest no brainer  – was the precious time I got back to run my business.

When I began to treat social media like my business – plan, strategize, adapt, stay ahead of the game, study data – not only did I get my sanity back, but I started succeeding and generating business. Today, I generate over 40% of my business from social media.

Still not convinced? Read my list below of all the ways hiring someone to manage my social media for me has aided in my business development.

Project a Consistent Brand

One of the most difficult parts of having a presence online is keeping your branding consistent across all platforms, right? Social media agencies are experts in managing your online reputation to ensure that your brand is represented in a positive and consistent manner across your social media platforms, helping to build your brand.

Strategic Content & Posting

Planning an effective and robust social media marketing campaign is absolutely critical in today’s landscape. Social media experts are always current on the latest trends, algorithms and tricks to be more successful, which means an engaging and cutting edge social media presence for you.

Measurable Data

Let’s be real – do you really have the time to track and analyze your social media data? Probably not, and that’s okay, but it’s important to remember that this is another critical piece. Your social media agency is always tracking data to find out what works and what doesn’t and is fluid enough to make any necessary adjustments to your strategy. Plain and simple, they know how to better analyze the data and act on it.

Engage & Show Up

Don’t you love when you leave a comment on a brand’s post and they respond? Newsflash, your audience wants the same from you! They are following you on social media because they have a genuine interest in what you’re doing. Hire a social media firm to engage your audience by posting interesting and relevant content to keep them connected and get them sharing info about your business. Do not disappoint by assuming engagement doesn’t matter!

You Become the Authority

Social media is about positioning, visibility and engagement. Your customers want to know WHY they should buy from you, what differentiates you from everyone else selling the same thing? YOU are the difference and your social media agency understands that, presents that and forges relationships with your audience by showing up, consistently and strategically.

Are you convinced you need help? It’s ok, I admitted it once too and we are here to help!

There is no shame in handing over your social media management to an expert such as Lisa Staff Photography/Sprout Connectors. I get it – I held onto mine for a long time, but when I finally handed over the power to my social media manager, not only did it propel my business to further success, but I also was able to focus on what an owner should be focusing on. 

The cool thing about working with a team of experts is that you are still involved in as much of the planning and strategy that you want to be. Lisa Staff Photography/Sprout Connectors works with you every step of the way to craft your perfect message. 

Interested in hearing how we can take the social media load off you? Click below and lets talk!

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