Welcome to the first of my new “What to Wear In…” series! I’m so excited to get these new blog posts off the ground and felt it appropriate to start with “What to Wear in Italy”. The magnitude that Italy is being impacted by the Coronavirus is hard to bear or even understand and as many of you know, I visited Italy just before the major outbreak. While there, I shot some amazing pictures, including some fashion, and enjoyed all of the beauty, smells, and foods that the country offers. So, with this post, I wanted to shed some light on the beauty of the country that is being lost in all the bad news surrounding it and on how you can help if you’re a fashionista. Let’s get to it!

The Genius Behind It All: Roxanne Madere Gilleland

Before heading to Italy, my friend, fashion stylist, and owner of Shop HHI asked if she could provide and style a few outfits for me to wear in Italy and shoot some pictures while wearing them. Of course I said yes – who would turn down a stylist wanting to style you AND loaning you the clothes to wear? This is her in her favorite environment… styling and being on set:

Here’s a little more about Roxanne from the mouth of Roxanne:

My love for fashion and truly well made, beautiful clothes started at a VERY YOUNG AGE….. I was surrounded by women who loved fashion and even more OWNED SEWING MACHINES! 

My mother and sister where much handier than me with the machine, but I had the knack “the eye” for fabrics, colors, fits and styles. By the age of 13 I had my first retail job. Palais Royal…. The most beautiful department store. I had to get a work permit due to my age. I went from stock girl to late night merchandiser…. What a start. 

From there to their sister store. Then came college. LSU. Blah Business Degree. Draughn Business College for Retail Sales and Marketing. 

Then the fun started. Worked for everyone from the Limited to Ralph Lauren. Ended up in front on the camera modeling Ralph Lauren “PETITE” collection. That was a game changer. While behind the scenes at a fashion shoot I found my TRUE CALLING.,,… I took control of the LOOKS….. I was so much better at telling people what to wear than actually wearing it myself……

From ROCK STARS to celebrities. Mothers of the bride to Debutante people came to me for those SPECIAL LOOKS. I love to keep people real only push them out of the box enough for a great end result. 

I learned what fits worked on what body. Anyone (almost) can pick out a pretty dress. But to pick a shape, a style, a fit that could compliment any client became my fortai.”

As you can see, Roxanne is full of passion for her profession and it’s contagious.

Can’t Forget My Lovely Photographer

I wouldn’t be doing this blog or these pictures justice if I didn’t shout-out my photographer, Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography. He captured these outfits perfectly as I was on the move throughout the streets of Italy – not only that, he was very tolerant of me as I was stuck on a certain vision 🙂 THANK YOU!

Keep scrolling to see my Italy style guide full of pieces from Roxanne’s store and how to help the Coronavirus cause by doing what most women love… shopping! 🙂 Also, please take note of how gorgeous this country is and how unfair the situation is to its people…I’m wishing them all strength to make it through at this time!

How to Help the Fight Against Coronavirus

Zadig & Voltaire, the designer of some of the pieces pictured, is giving you the perfect excuse to shop! To help combat the Coronavirus and provide supplies where needed they are offering 30% off sitewide and with your 30% off purchase, they are donating and matching 10% off it to the American Red Cross. Learn more about this offer below and get to shopping to support a great cause!