What to Wear in Hilton Head, SC this Summer

June 18, 2020

I’m back with my second post for the Lisa Staff Photography “What to Wear in…” series and of course, I had to bring it local. If there is anything hotter than the temperature here in Hilton Head, SC, it’s the fashion. It may not sound possible, but it is. This little island town and its surroundings are full of talented creatives, designers and shop owners who make the best fashion available to residents and tourists alike.

Every season is great for fashion here in Hilton Head, but this 2020 summer season is bringing out the most to-die-for dresses, high-quality bathing suits and cover-ups, and can’t-live-without casual wear. Together with the team at LOCAL Life, we captured Hilton Head, SC summer fashion in its true essence with pieces from these talented creatives, designer and store owners that are both near and far. Let’s dive into my Hilton Head, SC style guide, shall we?

A Casual Fit

If you are on the move around town running errands or just simply lounging around the house, this outfit is perfect! Stylish so you can still show off your inner fashionista, but providing all sorts of comfort at the same time.

Outfit from: Outside Hilton Head | Designers: Edema Dress by 4 Our Dreamers, Necklace by Twin &Twig, Nero Shoulder Bag by Z&L Europe, Córdoba Zip Bag by Rock Flower Paper, Sea Turtle by 4Oceans

And another cute, but comfy and casual look – this skirt and tied shirt combo. With the heat we battle here in Hilton Head, you can’t go wrong with a flowing skirt and looser fitting top.

Outfit from: The Back Door Designers | Designers: Skirt by Margaret O’Leary, Top by D. Salt

For the Beach or Rooftop Pool

Whether you are enjoying the beach or this amazing rooftop pool at the Courtyard by Marriott, which was where this shoot took place, this bathing suit and cover-up combo screams extreme Hilton Head fashion. You want to be the “it” girl? Well, this outfit is it, girl.

Outfit from: ShopHHI | Designer: Zadig & Voltaire

Date Night, A Night Out with Your Besties or an Event

You’ve probably seen this one on my Instagram already, so if you have I apologize, but this dress is AMAZING! From the color to the cut-out details to the way it just flows – flattering on every body type and perfect for events and nights out on the island. I mean, it’s so good, I would probably wear it as I’m cleaning my house just to have an excuse to wear it 🙂

Outfit from: ShopHHI | Designer: Amur

And to keep the theme of color going, how about this gorgeous blue pant suit, also for a date night, night out with friends and wherever else you’re going where you want to look and feel good? It’s bold and bright, but goodness is it a stand-out piece. You will surely be noticed… and I’m sure complimented a million times!

Outfit from: Cocoon Bluffton | Designer: Jude Connally

Remember what I said in the beginning of this post? That Hilton Head is hot, but the fashion is even hotter…. do you believe me now? As I mentioned, this island is full of talented people that know how to curate fashion, amongst other things. I’m going to enjoy summer while it’s here, no matter how hot it is, but these pieces have me really excited to see what’s to come for the rest of the 2020 seasons. I figure it’s only going to get better!

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