A table pop up dinner is novel, rousing and boundary-breaking. It is always hip. “Pop up restaurant” is now the talking point.

No wonder there was so much excitement amongst the residents of the Spring Island when the news of organizing a pop up dinner went out. Spring Island is a treasurer that has existed for more than 300 years. It is an Island with so much historical significance.

Spring Island has a historical record that tells a passionate story about the Lowcountry natives, industrious plantation owners, agriculturists, quail hunting enthusiasts and land developers helping to preserve this long-treasured property.

A surprise dinner is being organized for a community bonded by love and a rich history. This is Spring Island Farm to Table Pop Up Dinner. It is a pop up dinner like no other. Imagine a table pop up dinner for 80 persons. It will be fun all the way.

The anticipation is building gradually. The invitations have been sent out with the menu cards. The venue of dinner is still kept under wraps since pop up dinner is never complete without an element of surprise. There was assorted food to choose from including Whoopie Pies. The side attraction includes a local fair.

Everything is set. The portable gas stove, glasses, cutlery, napkins, containers for dirty dishes, table cloths, etc. everything is already pre-organized.

The venue has been set up. The table is dressed and the lighting adjusted. A pop-up dinner is like organizing a restaurant every night. You never know where something may go wrong. But the organizers are determined to make it a success.

The cooking equipment is ready and food preparation started early enough. This surely will be an exciting and fun-filled dinner.

The big day is finally here. With the venue set, food prepped and just finishing touches left, the tweet went out announcing the venue of the dinner. It is the Stars and Historic Tabby Ruins.

Guests started arriving at 5 pm. Guests were handed a glass of wine with warm greetings as they arrive. The efforts put in place by the organizers did not go unnoticed as there were compliments from the guests.

The adventurous dinners are ready to wine and dine. The Chef has been very creative with the menu. The food is served in a family style. The table is set in a tractor row. The ambience looks so magical and romantic too. This is a perfect connection between the farm and the local food that is eaten by the guests.

The guests were treated to sumptuous meals and the wine was spectacular. It was a day to make friends. Residents who never knew each other chatted comfortably in a relaxed environment.

The pop-up dinner ended at about 9 pm. The guests were satisfied judging from the smiles on their faces.

The pop dinner was the talk of the town for more than one week. This was a Lowcountry table pop up dinner that would be memorable for a long time to come.