How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows

August 6, 2020

Beauty time! Because… who doesn’t a few beauty tips every once and awhile? My newest beauty trick, or rather “confession”, is all about microblading. Yes, I have had it done and yes, I love it. I put my eyebrows into my lovely friend, Christine Stephen’s, hands and I love the results. But, what is microblading? Let’s get into it.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is essentially a form of permanent makeup. Aside from “microblading”, it is also commonly referred to as micropigmentation or facial tattooing. To explain even further, microblading is truly a form of art and involves implanting a colored pigment into the upper layer of the dermis. As it is somewhat intrusive, it should ALWAYS be performed under a certified and highly skilled permanent makeup artist, such as Christine who can be found on Instagram via @sc_permanent_makeup. The state of South Carolina has an additional measure where it must also be performed underneath a medical doctor. Safety and proper practices are a priority when you are dealing with a service like this.

Who Should Get Microblading?

Microblading is excellent for anyone who has lost their eyebrows, anyone with thin or sparse eyebrows or anyone who just needs eyebrow enhancement/reshaping. It is a great alternative to filling in your eyebrows every day, especially if you want to just wake up and go. There is no more time wasted or fuss with drawing on your brows or practicing to find the right shape and color on yourself.
Other microblading/micropigmentation candidates include those with alopacia, hair loss after cancer, dealing with menopause, with poor eyesight or unsteady hands.
The current state of your brows doesn’t matter either as each color, style and shape is custom made for every client. Your face shape, hair and skin color and lifestyle are all taken into consideration to provide a look that perfectly frames your face and enhances your eyes. Many don’t realize eyebrows are the most important features we have, but it’s the truth! I’m sure most ladies get it… not so confident about the men though.

Christine’s Technique: Micropigementation

Christine using the micropigmentation technique to achieve the ideal eyebrow look on each of her clients. With microblading, a small blade is used to embed the new shape of the brow. With the process of micropigmentation, Christine uses a small hand machine, similar to a tattoo gun, but much quieter and the needle is super micro. The super small size of the needle ensures natural looking hair strokes – the last thing you want is super thick hair strokes that make your eyebrows look unnatural. In addition, you can choose to add on powder brows, ombre brows or combo brows as an enhancement – your choice!
To get started on the journey to improved, no fuss brows, you first have to have a thorough consultation. During this consultation, Christine will determine the best shape for your face/current brow situation and you will choose the color you’d like to move forward with. What people don’t realize is that there is a considerable amount of time given for exact measurements to ensure client satisfaction before any permanent work is done. Christine goes above and beyond to make sure you are in love with the outcome and your “new” face!

Lisa’s Thoughts

As mentioned above, I had Christine do my brows. They weren’t as dark or as shaped up as I’d prefer and I was TIRED of spending 20 minutes every morning trying to get them just right with an eyebrow pencil. So, I visited Christine and BAM – just like that I had the brows of my dreams with no fuss. I can now wake up and go without feeling like I’m only half ready. If you are thinking about moving forward with this kind of beauty service, or at least investigating the possibilities, I would highly recommend a consultation with Christine. She’ll walk you through the process, what you can expect, and what the outcome would be – providing you with everything you need to make this beauty decision. All I have to say is, I’m SO HAPPY I did it! Find Christine here:
Have you done microblading? I’d love to hear about your experience and even see some before and afters! Share with me in the comments below!

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