How a Wedding in Hilton Head, SC Adapted to Coronavirus

June 11, 2020

Every time you log onto Facebook or Instagram, what do you see? Perhaps a couple announcing that their wedding had to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic? I know when I log onto my social media channels, I see at least one person talking about how they had to reschedule their wedding or that they know someone who had to reschedule. It is truly devastating after all the time and energy that goes into planning a wedding to have to reschedule to a later date – sometimes even a year later.

On top of seeing couples completely reschedule, I’ve also seen couples opting for a smaller, more intimate ceremony this year then rescheduling their big day (literally) to next year. I love this idea – keep the original date you had in mind, but still have a big celebration later on down the road with all of your friends and family present. I was actually lucky enough to shoot a wedding recently where a couple did just that. They moved their big ceremony to next year, but kept their original date by hosting a super small ceremony here in Hilton Head, SC. The wedding was intimate and so perfect, even with not being able to follow the original plans. Here’s how the couple went about re-arranging their wedding day…

Small, Intimate Wedding in Hilton Head, SC

Lisa Staff Photography was contacted by the family of the couple, Elizabeth and Chad, just a few weeks ago when they realized their original plans weren’t going to work. Originally, their wedding was scheduled for this past month as a big blowout bash (about 400 guests) in New Orleans, LA. It sounds like so much fun, right?? At the last minute, they decided that although they had to reschedule their plans for the New Orleans ceremony to next year (they weren’t able to get any of their deposits back), it was really important for them to keep their original wedding date, so they got to planning a small wedding in Hilton Head, SC! I have to say… the beach in Hilton Head isn’t a bad place to have to reschedule your wedding to 🙂

On the day of, each of the family members attending pitched in to help in some way, shape, or form. For example, Elizabeth’s dad and brother-in-law took care of the Lowcountry boil and food, which you’ll see pictured. It was so refreshing to see and I think put that much more meaning on the day. Although I’m sure it was stressful to pull even this small ceremony together in a matter of weeks, there was zero stress on the day of. Everyone was truly enjoying their time and really taking in each moment because they weren’t distracted by having to worry about 400 guests and if the day was going perfectly. In their minds, they were just thankful that this small ceremony could happen at all.

With having a smaller guest list, no detail was left behind. From the ceremony set-up to the reception area, the theme and decor were perfect. Minimal given the times and availability of certain items, but perfect for the setting of Hilton Head and the beach. You’ll even see they threw in a  few customized masks so in 50 years they can pull their small wedding ceremony pictures out and explain to their grandkids what the world was experiencing at the time. Also, brightside…the bride is excited to get to wear her dress TWICE – once here at her small wedding in Hilton Head and again next year at their New Orleans celebration. Talk about getting your money’s worth – who else can say they get to do that??

As you can see, this wonderful couple and family made the most of this difficult time and have shown it’s possible to still move forward with your wedding day, if you’re willing to give in certain areas. I’ve photographed so many weddings and I have to say, this was one of the best. Thrown together in a matter of weeks with so much love and help from family members – you could feel the meaning behind it all. I hope this kind of small/intimate wedding becomes the new norm in the near future because ultimately, enjoying and celebrating with close family members and friends with no stress is what it really should be about.

Rescheduling Your Wedding

Are you finding yourself in a similar situation to Elizabeth and Chad? Making the decision on what to do with your wedding can be really difficult. You don’t want to give up on your dream wedding, but also know you may have to sacrifice it until you can proceed as you had originally wanted to. If you are juggling with how to reschedule your wedding, check out my blog “Tips for Rescheduling Your Wedding Due to the Coronavirus“, which is based on my years of experience as a wedding photographer. The blog walks you through how to make those tough decisions and the steps to take to make the process as smooth as possible.

Keep scrolling to see more pictures of the lovely couple, Elizabeth and Chad. They were a joy to work with, as were the rest of their family members. You never would have known they were unable to follow their original wedding plans!

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