Charlotte, NC High School Influencer Program feat. Lisa Staff Photography

January 16, 2020

A few months back I was asked to help photograph a high school influencer program created by Fusion Photography. All I had to hear was 14 high school girls, one day of shooting, prom dresses, a professional hair and make-up team and downtown Charlotte, NC and….I was in! The program and December shoot day was full of good people, good vibes, and awesome city views. Keep reading to learn more about the program and the beautiful high school influencers below!

Fusion Photography feat. Poffie Girls x Lisa Staff Photography x The Charm Squad

I was approached by Fusion Photography to help photograph the day because, let’s be real, photographing 14 girls back-to-back makes for a very long day with just one photographer. So, why not add another to maximize the time to get as many shots as possible? I, of course, was flattered to be thought of and couldn’t wait for the day of.

The other parties involved were Poffie Girls, Charlotte’s premier boutique for bridal gowns, wedding dresses & prom dresses, and The Charm Squad, a professional hair and make-up company. Poffie provided the dresses, Fusion and Lisa Staff Photography provided the photos, and the influencers provided marketing and publicity by wearing the dresses in photos posted to their social media and much more. And to make the shoot even more impactful, The Charm Squad was brought on to do these girls up like real models – you’ll see below, they seriously look like REAL models, like they’ve been doing this their whole life. So, ta-da, that was the AWESOME team on shoot day that brought this idea to life.

Influencer Selection

The ladies had to be pretty upstanding individuals in order to make the cut for the program. Fusion Photog wanted this to be scholarship-like in that if you were selected, it means you are doing good things and have a good standing in school/within the community where you could use this program on a scholarship application or resume. The 2020 influencer group had to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be in good standing with your community and school
  • Must have a strong and credible social media presence on either Facebook, Instagram or both.
  • Will be required to attend monthly Poffie Girl meetings for the tenure of your candidacy (six months)
  • Will be required to participate in at least one community “Giving Back with Poffie” event
  • Must have plans in mind for after graduation
  • Must participate in extra-curricular activities or have a hobby

The original plan was to only accept eight to the program, but there were over 50 shining applicants, so it was narrowed down to 14. In addition to the shoot day back in December, the 14 ladies will get the following:

  • Two interactive and glamorous photo shoots with Fusion Photography
  • Discounts off future photo shoots with Fusion Photography
  • Discount off one prom dress at Poffie Girls
  • Help select the incoming class of Ambassadors for 2021
  • Meet and engage with community leaders involved in the program

Awesome perks might I say, but these wonderful young women are very deserving!

Meet the Influencers

Okay, enough about the program. Let’s meet the influencers. Check out the final photos from the day and get to know a little bit more about the first class of the high school influencer program that I was lucky enough to assist with!
Dresses – Poffie Girls, Photography – Fusion Photography & Lisa Staff Photography, Hair & Make Up – The Charm Squad

High School: Boiling Springs
Age: 17
College: University of South Carolina
Hobby: Cheerleading
“I had a blast at the shoot and absolutely loved all of the fun dresses from Poffie!”

High School: Clover
Age: 16
College: Clemson University (desired)
“It was such a fun and exciting experience and I’m so thankful to be part of it. With the glamorous dresses from Poffie Girls to the amazing photos from Deevo and Lisa, it was a blast.”

High School: North Lincoln
Age: 17
College: Appalachian State University
Hobbies: Traveling and cooking
“The day of the shoot was a whirlwind of an experience. I’ve never had my photo professionally taken before so I had no idea what to expect. However, Lisa and Deevo made me feel like I’ve been doing this my whole life.”

High School: East Gaston
Age: 15
College: UNC Chapel Hill (desired)
Hobby: Volleyball
“Working with Deevo and Lisa was so much fun because they both had unique ideas that were exciting to try, and they both worked in different ways with me so I felt it was very cool to experience the shoot with both of them.”

High School: Stuart Cramer
Age: 16
College: Clemson University (desired)
Hobbies: Dance and Traveling
“I had the best time on shoot day. Deevo and Lisa were so fun to work with and Poffie made us all feel so welcomed.”

High School: Southpoint
Age: 17
College: still deciding
Hobbies: Singing, volleyball and soccer
“Working with Deevo and Lisa was amazing. They were so kind to me and they were really good at keeping the energy up and I am so thankful for them and for Poffie to give me the chance to be an influencer for them. This experience was amazing!”

High School: Forest View
Age: 18
College: UNC Charlotte
Hobby: Binge watching Disney plus and netflix
“My experience with Poffie Girls, Deevo, and Lisa has been so much fun! I love getting in all the dresses and making myself feel like a princess. The photo shoot was so much fun and the photographers are so talented.”

High School: East Lincoln
Age: 18
College: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Hobby: Playing violin

High School: Avery
Age: 17
College: Appalachian State University
Hobby: Pole Vaulting
“I had so much fun shooting in downtown Charlotte with Deevo and Lisa because they had such creative ideas with the urban backgrounds.”

High School: Brandys
Age: 17
College: UNC Wilmington
Hobby: High school and competitive cheer
“The environment was just so positive and fun to be in, I never wanted to leave. It reminded me of my favorite quote “beauty is the best version of yourself, inside and out.”

High School: East Lincoln
Age: 16
College: Alabama
Hobby: Tennis
“My experience was absolutely amazing. Deevo and Lisa are great photographers and I enjoyed shooting with them! I loved getting my hair and make up done by the Charm Squad, they did a great job! Alicia and Pam are the best, and couldn’t have done a better job to make this day so special!”

High School: Hunter Huss
Age: 17
College: Fayetteville State University
Hobbies: Volleyball and volunteering at Holy Angels
“Working with Poffie Girls, Deevo, and Lisa was an amazing experience! Their attitudes are amazing and they’re just amazing people to be around.”

High School: Gaston Day School
Age: 16, College: NC State or University of Georgia
Hobby: Soccer
“I had the best time working with Deevo, Lisa, the Charm Squad, and the Poffie Girls team during the photo shoot. They made it very easy and so much fun! The girls and I had a blast!”

High school: Gaston Day School
Age: 16
College: NYU (desired)
Hobby: Theater/acting
“Working with the whole team was so inviting and everyone was super fun to be around.”

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