4 Steps to Planning Travel for Content

October 23, 2019

A successful social media presence depends on creating and maintaining a stockpile of beautiful content that will draw your audience in. Building up content worthy of posting on your social pages can take months, but it doesn’t always have to. If my years in the industry have taught me anything, it’s that taking a well planned out one to two week trip with a decent camera can result in weeks of posts.

Here’s how to set up your trip for content success:

1 – Pick the Destination Based on Your Vibe & Brand

First, you have to pick your ideal destination. When doing this, it’s key to take into account your vibe and brand: who you are, what do you want your followers to know about you, what are you selling, etc. Make sure the location aligns with who you are, and most importantly, who your followers think you are. For example, if you’re a mountain lover and enjoy the simple things the outdoors offer, picking a trip to New York City to build your content backlog may not be the best route. Your audience follows you because they have the same likes and interests as you, so if you take it totally off course to a city vibe, you’ll lose their interest and they may start questioning who you are. Now, it’s okay if you take an impromptu weekend trip to the city to visit a friend and you post a few pictures, but we’re talking big picture here and building up weeks of pictures and videos – keep this in mind!

2 – Choose the Ideal Travel Time

Due to changing seasons and events, step number two is to decide the ideal time to take your trip. Again, think about the purpose of the trip, your vibe, and your brand. If you’ve always wanted to visit Iceland, but have made it known that you hate the snow and cold (and also aren’t the adventurous type) you should visit Iceland in the summer when it’s at its warmest. Not only will you feel more inspired, you’ll also be more motivated to create beautiful content because you aren’t forcing yourself to endure conditions that you hate. You also won’t be confusing your audience by trying to climb Vatnajökull Glacier to get the perfect shot when they know, that’s just not who you are.

3 – Build an Itinerary Full of Photo Worthy Spots

You’ve picked your destination and time frame, now it’s time to build an itinerary around the trip. Creating a calendar of curated content and maximizing this “vacation” time begins with a planned out, curated trip. Start by researching the best, and most relatable to who you are, things to see  – museums, restaurants, outdoor attractions, beaches, historical monuments, etc – then slot these spots into your itinerary. Remember, the purpose is to create intriguing imagery, so make sure these stops have plenty of opportunities for this.

4 – Plan Your Outfits

People are always telling me I pack too much – it never fails. What they don’t realize is, there’s a purpose for everything I put in my suitcase. When I’m preparing to leave for a trip, I consider the destination, weather, the vibe I want to exude, and the itinerary. If I’m headed to Greece (hint, hint to the photos in this blog) and want to look like I’m having a laid back time and just blending in with the scenery around me, I pack matching neutrals in lightweight fabrics – not trying too hard, you see. I also take into consideration what I’m going to be doing. For visiting outdoor sites during the day I may pack a hat and for nice dinners in the evenings, I’ll pack a pair of heels. 

The theme throughout these steps is that you should always be considering what you want your content to look like at the end of the day. Choose your vibe and stick to it throughout the trip. Now that you know my four steps to a curated content filled trip, you should get to planning! 🙂

I’d love to hear about your favorite destination travels for the best content. Share your favorites with me below!

About the pictures…

I recently visited Greece and had the best time creating beautiful content in Mykonos and Santorini. While there, I stayed at two exquisite hotels, both featured in the photos above: Adore Santorini Suites and REMVI Suites – HIGHLY recommend both. In addition to the amazing stays, I had the pleasure of taking a sailing tour around the coast of Mykonos via Sunfos Alessia Yachting – again, HIGHLY recommend. I booked the yacht tour through a wonderful site, Get Your Guide; they offer unique excursions around the globe, so be sure to check them out when planning your next trip!

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